Some of you may remember this suggestion of mine a while ago. Now, I redid it a bit, and now I'm listing details. Plus: mock-ups!

How to Get to It



Any admin would be able to get to it through the Dashboard. I have created a mock-up for this purpose, but the picture in the button might be changed.


An admin would be able to make announcements or similar things across an entire wiki, not across all of Wikia. This would replace the old Site Notice (currently only in Monobook) and the difficult alternative that is modifying the Community Messages Notice. All users in a certain user group (or more) will see this. The admin can check off the major "public" user groups, and specify more. They could also check set the expiration time, and, of course, use Wikitext in the message body itself. It includes a pop-up showing the message as it would appear in its "bubble" in a pop-up. The whole thing would be located at Special:WikiWideMessages.

So, who likes this idea now that I improved it?

Roads (The Techical Update we've all been waiting for: category redlinks are back! *sigh*) 20:32, October 6, 2011 (UTC)

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