Riverdale Chauffeur

aka Boot Lover

  • I live in a place abundant in brown clothing: bowler hats, overcoats, boots, and fingerless gloves (Northern East Coast).
  • My occupation is a former Bureaucrat, Admin, Content Moderator, and Rollback on a variety of Wikis.
  • I am correction tape (male)
  • Bio I joined FANDOM in November of 2017. Since then, I have risen to positions of power on over ten Wikis. The only Wiki I currently contribute to is the Spirit Halloween Wiki, where I have accumulated over 10,000 edits, though I have nearly 30,000 across FANDOM.
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  • Riverdale Chauffeur

    Hello everyone!

    I hope you are all doing wonderfully today! Anyway, I have recently founded a wiki known as the boots wiki! It was founded by me in an attempt to create a reliable source on boots for anyone looking to buy a good pair. The types of pages which are welcomed by the community include:

    • Kinds of boots
    • Specific pairs of boots (with links to listings on official sites)
    • Companies that manufacture boots
    • Boots appearing on both the big and small screens
    • Polls, with one being featured on the main page every month
    • Anywhere else boots have appeared, including songs and the like!

    The reason this blog exists is because information on boots, such as the most comfortable pair for different seasons, different weather circumstances, etc. is just scat…

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  • Riverdale Chauffeur

    Hello everyone! 

    As many of you may know, a wiki was recently founded in the hopes that anyone who has ever had an interesting dream may be able to share it with people who are passionate about others' dreams. It is known as the dreamy wiki. 

    Background information time! The wiki was founded on February 24, 2018, by MemoryAngel. He has promoted the wiki quite a few times, however it is still in need of more users so they can share their dreams. Even if you only have a few interesting dreams, I encourage you to post about them if you have the time. Anyway, since the founding of the wiki, Memory has appointed a bureaucrat and admin (me), two other admins, and a content moderator. At least three other users have already edited, and the wiki is …

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  • Riverdale Chauffeur


    I am just going to warn you, if you dislike anything even mildly frightening, you ought to leave now.

    For anyone who does not want to waste time reading all this information, here is the link to the wiki:, however, just to be clear, the main page is currently being cleaned up, so it may be best to just ignore the red link and half-slider for now. There is a poll, however, so make sure to vote!

    How are you all doing? I hope you are all doing well! :)

    Anyway, for anyone still reading, have you ever heard of a certain Halloween store known as Spirit Halloween? If you have not, I suggest watching one of their many eerie videos, and you'll get the idea:…

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