Hi everybody! Boy, it's been a long time since I've written a blog... but today's blog is focused on a concept I like to emphasize to users in general. It's a bit of a less concrete blog, but it's still important nonetheless- this would be the key to understanding other users.

Heads-Up: Before I delve into this, I want to preface this with the point of explaining that this blog is not regarding obvious trolls or spammers in any sort. People who are evidently here to cause trouble are not associated with this blog's content. I'm referring to the more troubled users, like those who have been on FANDOM for a long time, but still struggle to get a foothold when it comes to socialization.

What is Understanding?

Understanding somebody is not the same as agreeing 100% with their behavior, nor would I personally condone the act of doing so- especially if their actions reflect poor regard. However, I find that if somebody takes the time to learn about a person's individual pattern of decision-making, that person might not be as troublesome as other users might think.

Make Your Own View!

Alright, so we all have that one person who seems to enjoy causing trouble and there's always going to be existing discussion behind closed doors about them. Trust me, I've been in both positions, and honestly, I've been guilty of letting other people make this kind of decision for me. When it comes to dealing with a seemingly-dramatic user, however, you honestly need to take the time to consider the type of person they are and why they might be causing issues. Don't let others corrupt your view of them, because you never know what might be going on with that user.

Why Do Users Start Problems?

So, why do users on FANDOM appear to cause problems?
I'm going to be 100% honest- I was not always an easy person to get along with here. I struggled a lot in my real life when I first joined Community Central, not to mention, there was always one or two regular users who were trying to get me banned simply because they didn't like me. Quite frankly, that caused a lot of tension with me and a few others, who later realized that I was trying to get away from the drama, but I didn't have the means to do so.
It's taken me a while to fully accept that while yes, there are some users who despised me and wanted me out, it's up to me to decide how I react. But. There must always be a balance, and users need to be able to trust each other to support as needed.

What To Do

When somebody is starting to get upset, I find that snapping at them right off the bat is not the best way to go. Because quite frankly, you never, ever know what another person might be dealing with. Even if they seem to be causing trouble relentlessly, do take a step back and try to contemplate their reason for doing so. Direct them to necessary resources. It's far easier to make a wise decision to help somebody else when you're not throwing yourself headfirst into getting upset with them for potential disruption.


Well, there you go. I realize this blog might be a tad confusing, but it's almost 7am so forgive me. ^^ If anybody has any questions or general feedback, please let me know!
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