Hi everybody! So, some of you might already know that, thanks to the idea from KCCreations, I created FANDOM: The Unofficial RPG Wiki! I know I have not posted a blog in quite some time, so why not take the opportunity to promote this new Wiki?

What is FANDOM: TUR?

FANDOM:TUR Wiki is an all-inclusive Wiki that is devoted to eventually being a role-playing game! The Wiki is admittedly in its infancy, primarily because it was created yesterday (July 17, 2017). However, because of the immense support of some fellow Community Central members, the Wiki has already skyrocketed in activity and page efforts. Even so, we are always looking for new aid as our articles grow.
In time, the Wiki will be used as a Dungeons and Dragons related campaign, although the set-up in itself will be decided by the members of the Wiki as time goes on!

The Guidelines

The guidelines of the Wiki are currently in the middle of discussion, primarily because I personally do not believe in the development of restrictive rules by one person. So, there is a page on the Wiki where members can offer their input and desired policies. The deadline to reach a full stop at the discussion is set at September 17, although the time stamp is subject to change based on multiple variables.

What Can You Do?

At this present point in time, there are several red-link pages that could definitely use some focus. I have opted not to create all of the pages, in order for the members of the Wiki to develop their own ideas about what individual races do what, as well as their potential abilities. In addition to that, there are a couple Projects- Lore and Characters being the current two. While time goes on and the Wiki grows, every Project (as there will be a couple more!) will appoint their own department leader. This will ensure organization throughout the Wiki.

In Conclusion

If you are interested in helping F:TUR Wiki, free free to click on the link above! We do have a Discord server, as well, so feel free to ask around for that link as well! We look forward to seeing you. <3
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