Hi there, everybody! I apologize for the huge delay, but life got busy! As per my previous blog post, I am here to post the voting round. Some categories had a massive voice for particular people, but as I felt it would not be fair without a vote, I included them here regardless!


People that were nominated will be in the categories below- if there were more, but less people voted for them, then they were automatically eliminated for simplicity sake. If there was a tie.. well, then I added them all. :P

How to Vote

Unfortunately, multiple of the same people were nominated for different categories and polls don't seem to work well with that, and so if you desire to input a vote, feel free to comment on this blog with your votes; so long as you are okay with them being public.. Private messaging me in Chat is also a viable option. :) Also, you may vote for 2 people per category.
If you have been nominated, you may not vote for yourself.

The Nominees!

Best Avatar:

Best Friend Duo:

Best Username:

Most Likely To Be Here In A Decade:

Most Chatty:

Most Random:

Most Helpful:

Most Opinionated:

Life of the Party:

Don't Want to Vote?

Nobody is required to vote. :) If you have something nice to say about another user- i.e. how they have helped you or their general personality, feel free to boost somebody's mood and write about them in the comments!
No flaming and bashing will be tolerated, and anybody who does will have their vote(s) revoked.

Closing Date

The votes will close on July 1. :) The date is subject to change, however, depending.

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