It's about time, as the title suggests, that I share my wiki to everyone. I have been waiting for the moment to write this blog but I have been handling heck tons of stuff lately. So here you go.

So yes, today I will be sharing my wiki to all of you, but allow me to tell you the overall layout of it so that you can have an idea or imagine what it would look like. A few people have seen it already but many haven't.


The wiki's current background color is set to the hex color of #D50000. The hex color for the buttons and as well as the toolbar is #0BA200 and the main color of the hyperlinks is #FFF16B. The main background image in my wiki is a Christmas-themed one. What I mentioned earlier is the current color of the wiki for this month of December. The wiki's colors will change when January comes (which is something that I still have to think of) to match the New Year's Day theme and will change again when February comes. The default colors of the wiki are: #79B8FF for the main background color, #68008E for the buttons and and #F9A000 for the hyperlinks. There are also CSS and JavaScript coding sets embedded in my wiki that come from Dev Wiki. It's also snowing and there is a floating reindeer too.


The wiki's main theme is all about fun. Picture the word fun in your mind. If you come to think of it, imagine all the fun things you'd usually have with many users. Examples of fun things are roleplaying, telling and posting stories, chatting, um...*snaps her fingers* making funny puns and jokes and many more! My wiki is meant to keep everyone happy and make sure everyone gets to have fun there.



Content varies as long as they don't violate the rules. To give hints on the content of the wiki, we have character pages, reviews, stories, a certain book review, and many more!


A lot of the templates there are categorized. Most of the templates are made by me and I often try to make sure they look as attractive and pretty as much as possible. There are also a lot of templates that you can enjoy using when you edit your userpage and message wall greeting.

Certain Span and Div Tags

There are also certain span and div class tags that could allow you to use marquee or even the ability to see an image lighten when you hover over the image where that special span class tag was used.


The infoboxes are converted in their Portable versions and are designed beautifully. So just in case you would read the content of my wiki on mobile, the infoboxes will look "fixed and organized" in your eyes.

Site Management

As founder there, I have set up easy-to-adhere-and-strongly-enforced rules (which will be updated from time to time) for everyone to follow. And I also do my job to make sure to promote trustworthy users. And this time, there are a few semi-active local staff members but a few are also currently active. There are also certain requirements on how a user becomes a staff member. Once a user is suitable enough, he/she will be promoted with certain user rights depending on what area of the wiki is that user active in. Additionally, the wiki is also COPPA-enforced but everyone is free to browse the content. Users who are local staff members there are given custom-colored usernames in order to distinguish them from non-local staff member users. The community there is friendly and fun to communicate with.


Didn't read from the beginning? I'll say it simple: My wiki is all about fun and it's a wiki where everyone can enjoy.


And that's the end! To see the wiki I am talking about, click the picture of the flag (that I made) below. Enjoy and have fun! (^^ )

Kingdom Of Fun Flag
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