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Pikushi Pikushi 15 days ago

Introducing Admin Plus!

It has been awesome to see the excitement surrounding the announcements we made at Community Connect, and I am excited to give you some details about one of these new experiences: Admin+! (Or A+, if you’re fancy.)

Throughout Community Central, we have plenty of guidelines and policies on what not to do as an admin - don’t overprotect pages, don’t act as the owner of a wiki, don’t play favorites, etc. We hope that these guidelines and policies have helped you facilitate a wiki and community, but we know that this doesn’t answer the other half of the question - what does it take to be a good admin?

This is a question we have received from users for years now, and honestly, it is great to hear because it shows how much you care about the commun…

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Pikushi Pikushi 21 April

Interactive Maps are here!

Hi all!

In March 2021, we announced at Community Connect that we were beginning work on a new feature called Interactive Maps. Then, in May 2021, we talked more about the tool, and at the beginning of this year, we gave another peek into it in our blog post about 2022 plans. This has been a long-requested and much-anticipated feature, and I am so happy to finally announce that Interactive Maps are now live for all communities to use and bring the world that your community is all about to life in brand new ways!

  • 1 Background
  • 2 How Community Feedback Guided Interactive Maps
  • 3 Moving Forward
  • 4 Useful Links

I call it a new feature, but really, it is new-ish. Fandom implemented a map feature called Wikia Maps in 2014, and Gamepedia had IP-specific solut…

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Pikushi Pikushi 23 March

Updates to Wiki Rules and Blocking Policy

Hi all!

Oh look, it’s my blog debut! My name is Jenny, & I am one of the Community Managers on the Community Safety team. One of our goals on the team is to work on ways we can help make sure wiki communities are safe, healthy places for all fans, and I am excited to announce that we are taking another step toward that goal! On April 4, we will be launching an updated version of the Wiki Rules and Blocking Policy.

In this blog, I’m going to go over some of the changes we are making to the policy as well as why we are making them.

Let’s start with the why - why are we updating the policy? Good question, and thank you for asking! The policy went live a year ago, and since then, we have received a lot of feedback from many users and communities.…

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