This is not meant to hate any other thing. This is just my opinion. You may have other opinions. I just want to say this.

UCP a is good because we can actually update it. Also I noticed that Legacy can be laggy.

Live chat

Live chat was an outdated piece of crap that nobody uses because of something called discord. You all are complaining because it’s gone but you never used it( Don’t worry I used to also be like this.)

Automated messages

The automated messages are just a way to annoy somebody by responding. It also is annoying for admins to keep on explaining that it is an automated message. Since I joined fandom I hated that feature

Now the good stuff about UCP

Less confusing admin dashboard

Way less confusing. Also looks WAY better in my opinion.

Time limits for user rights

This is really useful especially for the wiki I am a bureaucrat on. I needed to make somebody an admin so they can upload a wiki background and I put a time limit so that there rights wouldn’t be there for a while because I forgot. Great feature 👍

Less laggy editor

The editor is way less laggy. I was editing on the wiki I love to edit on, the Big Nate wiki and there was a spelling error on a category so I wanted to fix it so I go to categories on the editor and it was so hard to.


UCP is better than Legacy in my opinion although I think they could change UCP’s name so it doesn’t sound like “You See Pee”

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