• Ozank Cx

    As websites are becoming more mobile-friendly, people are using mobile devices more and more often. Near the end of 2013, we were shown how much percentage of users use Fandom on mobile devices.

    As you can see above, the MLP Wiki background was shrunk from 275kb to 150kb with negligible quality loss. In terms of percentage reduction, this is huge. It is loaded on every page and as such will affect every (desktop) user.

    Lots of free software exist for helping with file compression - my favorites are below:

    • PNGGauntlet - this tool is great for PNG file compression, although it can sometimes take a while to process larger images.
    • JPEGmini - this tool is brilliant for JPEG file compression, often I see file sizes reduced to 70% of the original si…

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  • Ozank Cx

    Security is an important, regularly discussed topic in modern times, and will forever be as such. In modern times, cyber criminals have been finding new ways to victimize innocent users of the Internet for various purposes - usually money extortion (stealing credit card details, or ransom by force encrypting the users contents and asking for a fee to have them returned). There are many aspects of security that are important but one that is relevant here is malvertising (a portmanteau of malware and advertising).

    Malvertising is the practice of using advertisements to spread malware.

    There are various methods:

    • Webmasters have their websites compromised, and the hackers introduce it
    • Poor/no checking of ads that are given to companies who host them w…

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