Hello Wiki world, I been here before with many issues.  But today I want to keep something off the radar.  I do not mind sharing it.  But I really want is users that knows about it.  I am talking about my recent wiki creation The Travels of the Young Marco Polo.

 First I will give a short over view.  It is set in the Middle Ages, in the Old World ie Eurasia.  It is story of a child named Marco Polo and his friends who are traveling through this time to reach China to find Marco's father Niccolo Polo It is a fantasy story set in a time where the world is dangerous.  Things that we the Modern Age is not heard of.  But remember fantasy does have some hint of reality.  For example the hero Robin Hood, his story has been told many times.  He was suppose to be a thief that stole from King George and returned to the poor.  Well that is fantasy, the real Robin Hood may have stole from the rich and kept it for himself.  So besides the show, users can talk about travel locations in Eurasia and Africa, talk about Middle ages, animals because the show can not focus without animals, and many more things that has been mention and talked about in the show.

Now I would like to introduce to some of the Characters in the series.  Marco Polo the legendary adventurer, author and merchant is in this show, well reverse all of the last points to a Marco Polo that is just a child and has dreams of traveling, boats and being with his father.  His friend Luigi, he is a superstitious kid and when I say superstitious I mean it SUPER.  He is never without his good luck charms.  Next character is the only female of the group Shi La, she is a Chinese girl who wants to go home, other than that she is a healer, martial artist and Chinese expert.  She is the balanced character of the group, making Luigi the Muscle and Marco Polo the brains and the leader.  Final character is Fu Fu, he is Shi La's traveling companion and pet.  He is well trained, but he has a huge apatite, he can eat a 20 course dinner.  Well those are the main characters of the series.  Along the way they meet new friends, and enemies long the way to a route that Marcos father left in a journal he had when he traveled the Silk road.   

Discussions is a big thing.  Thinking about the time, but more importantly the twisted world we do not live in.  Other than all this about my new wiki, I just want some quite at times.  I watched the first season 3 times already, and the knowledge I have is only going to be temporary in my head.  So it is a big idea not to help me in anyway due to the hardship of writing these pages from the top of my head.  I do plan on watching the season again.  My hopes is to finally see the second season in English. 

My final point is the series is from Germany.  I do not speak German and would like help with the translation from English to German.  I would love to start now but it is too soon. I am still adding pages and pictures.  I am not adding the badge feature do to the fact that it would take years before a translation or a new season will appear.  By than I may have finished with all the concepts that is in my head. 

SO that is my new wiki site.  It is just in a rough start but in time I will hoping I will receve users to vist the site in time.

The Link to my site The Travels of the Young Marco Polo.

Sample Pictures

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