Hello, I am the head bureaucrat of the Corpse Party Wiki, and I am here to spread the word about the Wiki in hopes of potentially sparking some interest!

The Corpse Party Wiki is definitely not a new Wiki, as it has been around since 2011. But during these several years, MANY changes have been made. Old staff members have left, and the head bureaucrat position has changed many times.

Before I was made head bureaucrat, the Wiki had the old grey default theme, which I immediately began to change once I became in charge.

The Wiki has had several design changes over the past months, but me and the other bureaucrat have finally decided on a design that we think makes the Wiki looks very nice, while also fitting the series!

So, you may be asking, "Well.. If this isn't a new Wiki, why attempt to advertise?", and that's a good question!

This Wiki is actually somewhat popular when it comes to views, as it had 300,000 views just last week! However, despite the amount of views it gets, VERY few of the viewers actually comment, edit, or chat.

I find it very unfortunate that out of the 300,000 viewers, barely any of them even comment on a page or go on the chat.

I understand that Wikia is meant for information, but it's also meant for bringing fans of a series together into a community, and that's mostly not happening here.

Whether you know a lot or are at least familiar with the series, or don't know anything at all, you're welcome into the community, as long as you are at least fairly interested to learn about the series!

So now that we've got the introduction out of the way, I'll talk about the features that we've added to the Wiki!


  • The background of the Wiki and chat is randomized, meaning that you'll often see a different background each time you refresh/revisit!
  • We've added many minor custom things to the Wiki, such as glowing links, changing the navigation bar, and customizing message walls as well!
  • Edit rewards have been added to hopefully encourage users to edit, such as custom username fonts and colors!
  • Character links include a small image of the character to help you if you're new to the series!
  • The Wiki has tons of information about the games, manga, characters, as well as several other things to help new users learn about the series!
  • The chat includes chat options, allowing you to add pings (Notifications when your username is mentioned on chat), as well as several other things!
  • The chat has a music player on the bottom right, allowing you to listen to tracks of most of the games while you're chatting if you wish!
  • There is a chat bot that is a work in progress, that watches over the chat. The bot has a few fun commands for users to use if they wish! (As long as they don't abuse or spam commands!)

And many other features have been added as well!



Now that you know about the Wiki, I should also probably give you some information about the series as well!

As the series' name suggests, Corpse Party is NOT for the faint of heart! Corpse Party is a survival horror adventure video game series, that has been adapted into a manga, anime, and even a live action film!

The series has had a lot more history than you may think, and I'll give you some interesting trivia right now!


  • Corpse Party actually started out in 1996! It was made for the PC-9801 system, and was made by only one person!
    • This game was only released in Japan. However, a team of fans got together and translated the original Japanese game in 2011, improving the graphics! The translated version has been named "Rebuilt", and it can easily be found and downloaded online!
  • The series was continued in 2006, where a mobile game was released, but it was later discontinued. The progress of the game was put into the PC game, which is almost the exact same as the mobile version. The mobile version is no longer available for download, and information about it is heavily limited.
  • In 2007, a fan-made game was released, titled "CORPSE-PARTY ZERO"! Makoto Kedouin, the creator of the original game in 1996 admired the game so much, that he referenced the game in future Corpse Party titles!
    • The fan-made game has also been translated and can also be found and downloaded!
  • A game for the PSP was later released several years later in 2011. The PSP version shared the same story as the PC version, but heavily improved graphics, voice acting, etc.
    • This was the first Corpse Party game to be released in the west! The PC version has just recently been translated and was released this year. It is available to purchase on Steam!
    • Another port of the game is soon to be released for the 3DS in the west! The 3DS version will include slightly improved graphics, as well as some extra content not present in the PSP version!

This is all the information that I will give, but there are many more things to know about the series, all of which you can learn on the Wiki! If what I have told you interests you in any way, please feel free to join the community! Any user is welcome, as long as they read and respect the rules, which can be found here.

If you have any questions, feel free to either contact me or one of the other staff members! A list of the current staff can be found here.

Thank you for reading, and I hope that you will consider joining the Wiki about this awesome horror series!

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