Scarf Heroes are a group of friends with one goal in mind; to help others. Whether it be social support due to depression/anxiety or to make new friends, this group will do what it takes to make a difference in the lives of others.
~ The motto

Many of us Scarf Heroes come on everyday, trying to help people out which are struggling with social issues and depression, and of course, we always try our best at all times, no matter how difficult. Our founder, and leader, Joey has put so much effort and care into this wikia, that it has reached where it is today. Of course, there are also other users which have helped this wikia out a lot including Amber, Isa, Majora and many more. Scarf Heroes can be found here

So what is Scarf Heroes?

Scarf Heroes are a group of friends, and has originated from a clan on "Miiverse". Since then, Scarf Heroes have grown more popular, most notably due to their kindness and willingness to help others. The wikia itself has been made in the beginning of January 2015, and though it may not be the oldest, it has certainly came a far way. We have a lot of members, with more people joining every few days. We've also donated $405.00 to charity!

How do I become a Scarf Hero?

Scarf Heroes
To become a Scarf Hero, you need to have been on the Wikia for at least a month, be a dedicated user, have a "reference" which means having someone who can say you can be trusted (If you don't have one, make sure to tell the Founder!), a weapon and scarf color. If accepted, you get assigned a number, either by Joey, or another Administrator if he's currently away. We also have ranks, which consists of lowest to highest; Recruit, Junior, Apprentice, Veteran and Official. The higher the rank you are, the more perks you get. Perks are basically "benefits", so the higher the rank, the more benefits you get.


Scarf Heroes is a fairly active group, getting 1485 on WAM (Wikia Activity Monitor) Of course, just like Community Central, the Wikia becomes inactive for a bit. But don't be alarmed by this, it's usually only an hour or two until everyone comes back. Usually, the chat always has the minimum of 2 users all the time, and sometimes during the night (GMT), it can have up to +20 users. The forums are also fairly active, it can be inactive at times, but for the majority is used a lot.


While we generally don't have many problems, we do have our set of our own rules. Obvious rules would include the Terms of Use, we also have our own set of rules. Rules include Sockpuppeting whilst evading bans, Cross-wiki raids, no drama and no linking anything which may contain Malware. Rules can be found here

So to sum everything up, if you have any social issues, need help, or just want to make new friends, it's worth visiting Scarf Heroes and see what it's actually about.

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