Nobody Cares Nobody Cares 29 June 2011

Manage Your Wiki!

Notice: Most of the guides are for big wikis, there are also some guides for small wikis but most of these are for big wikis.

While most wiki advice are interface customization, this blog is about managing and organizing your wiki! Find the most common and uncommon tips on organizing and managing your wiki in this blog post. The tips are divided into sections.

  • 1 Promotions New Admins
  • 2 Policies
  • 3 Guidelines
  • 4 Task Lists
  • 5 Community Discussions
  • 6 New Features
  • 7 Power The The People!
  • 8 Trouble Makers
  • 9 Have I Missed Anything?

One great event on a wiki's history are promotions. When promoting an admin, you shouldn't just promote the admin because you feel like it, you should promote them because you know that they can take responsibilities as an admin.


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Nobody Cares Nobody Cares 17 January 2011

ShoutWiki is greedy for money and is trying to get Wikia contributors

Ever since Wiki released the awesome skin of Wikia (Known widely as Oasis), ShoutWiki is trying to get Wikia contributors. ShoutWiki now has Monaco, the stupid thing is they don't know that Oasis is better than Monaco was, plus they think they can steel the Wikia wikis and contributors in one day? Well NO. ShoutWiki sucks hard guys, the last time they tried to get Wikia's contritutors was by getting Monobook when Wikia changed to Monaco, then they got Monaco after Wikia changed to Oasis? Now that's the stupid thing about ShoutWiki is that they have NO originality, plus "Modern" and "Chick" was originally from Wikimedia and DreamHost.

That's how I prove that ShoutWiki sucks hard and Wikia's better.

-- paul mccartney   Songpedia The Beatles Chat …

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Nobody Cares Nobody Cares 5 November 2010

There should be a music section at the "big bar"

That is one big bar, anyways some music wikis like Songpedia needs more attention, also LyricWiki deserves to be at the big bar. Songpedia has -300 articles, but I'm tired of being almost the only one who works hard in Songpedia. And also LyricWiki also deserves to be in the big bar too, you can't just treat music wikis like that! They deserve a space in the big bar.

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