So here you can sell your unmigrated (not-UCP) wikis and others can buy them for the price of giving over rights to the seller on one of their wikis, or a wiki they admin.


For sellers

  • Of course, no UCP wikis even if your wiki is old and migrated.
  • You have to make them bureaucrat, or you could be going nowhere (unless you decide to migrate it and instead buy a wiki)
  • The wikis you get should be used for good. Also applies to buyers.
  • You can use different language version of the wiki as copies, but they must all be in one comment.
  • Going along with the above rule, when all copies are gone, you must edit your offer comment to say Sold Out.
  • Don't scam (aka giving a user powers to a wiki only to disable them later on ) unless they are being malicious with the wiki.
  • ==Buyers==
  • You must give a UCP wiki, no expections.
  • You must use a wiki that you have admin  powers on. Same goes for sellers.
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