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It's that time of the year again, dust off the controllers and warm up the televisions. More vacation days mean more "Time To Play" your favorite video games, watch movies and enjoy delicious holiday foods! November to December is a special time for lots of different wiki communities on Wikia. Some wiki communities have huge releases coming out during this time, and with new games and movies comes more amazing content from each community!

We would like to celebrate all of your efforts and help everyone who visits Wikia find the amazing content that your communities produce during this time period. So to do this today we would like to introduce Time to Play! What is Time to Play? It's our way to help promote your wiki community on:

  • homepage in one of our featured spots (this rotates so you won't see yourself every time)
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Here's how it works:
  • Start a discussion with your admins and wiki community about opting in to our Time To Play promotion. (Admin approval or community discussion required.)
  • Decide which blog, article, or piece of content you want to promote.
  • Link us to the discussion in the comments below.
  • Wikia Staff members will then add the "Time To Play Our Best" image (pictured above) to your main page and link it to your (blog/article name).
  • Your featured content will get the "Time To Play" banner (see below), showing that it has been chosen as the best content on your wiki.

Wikia Timetoplay Blog Footer-660x98-1 Let us know in the comments if your wiki community wants to be featured in our Time To Play promotion. Add a link to your discussion and we'll take care of the rest!

Happy Holidays!

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