Hey all! Nachtide here, and today, I'd like to discuss something that goes hand-in-hand with chat-rooms: civility. While I do understand that the subject of "don't feed the trolls" has already been beat to death, basically, I would like to reiterate the fact that not everybody is a troll, and not everybody intends to be one. In any case, I would also like to mention common behavior, too. So, without further ado..

Atmosphere of a Chat-room

In my honest opinion, the very thing that decorates the chat-room, is the people who maintain the atmosphere within it. If there's rotten individuals full of themselves, then of course, the chat-room will be flooded with a thick haze of drama and chaos. However, the very idea can go both ways. It is up to the users to decide how they want to deal with specific situations. If a troll enters, and everybody starts flipping out, what kind of name does that give to the Wiki? Not a good one.
However, on the other hand, there are some people who just have terrible, terrible days. Sometimes, they just want to snap at everybody who irks them mildly. Trust me. There are always going to be a few users that drive you insane. Personally, I've prepared to leave Wikia due to the excessive amount of Wikians that irritate me. I have not, obviously, because I understand that everybody is who they are.

Drama: What Warrants It?

Drama can arrive and conquer in several forms. It can be brought into another Wiki chat- which, this very Wiki faces an immense amount of drama from other Wikis- or it can manifest in one person prior to explosion. However, what warrants any sort of drama?
Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
If there is a terrible administrator on your Wiki, you are free to feel that way. Rest assured, others might too. However, I do request that you try to learn both sides of the given story before leaping to conclusions. Who knows? The administrator that you claimed to have banned user XYZ for "no reason" probably had a reason to. When people say "for no reason", almost 98% of the time, I find it difficult to take them seriously.
However, in the situation that there is a bad administrator, by all means, do not bring it to another Wiki's chat. Do not endorse it. Do not cause it. If you are unable to maintain a calm, civil discussion on your own Wiki, then you probably best not discuss at all. When other Wikis are dragged into the drama, biased opinions are formed: "XYZ said X. ABC said Y.". You never truly know, unless you are involved originally.

Kindness Does Surprise

I'll mention this straight-up: kindness is necessary in several situations. If you are not kind, you probably are not fair. And vice versa. If you show a user any bit of kindness, despite what quarrels you may be reluctantly opposing against them with, your own actions will surprise. Especially the reaction. Some users just want to be understood, and that is why we, as human beings, do what we do.


TL;DR- Just be kind to each-other. Life is too short to focus on the cruel little details, when you can potentially focus on the big picture.
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