Hello all of Wikia, Mr Creeper500 here, and I would like to hear your opinions on a matter which has been persistent within a bunch off communities recently. A question of what's better, a democratic wiki where the entire community votes on important matters, or a more fascist system, where only the admins/bureaucrats get a vote.

The Democratic Side

Well, I don't want to brag, but I've always seen myself as a major democrat, I even co-run probably one of the most democratic wikis out there. And that's also where I am getting the following info on the democratic system:


  • Friendlier user experience.
  • Better made decisions.
  • More of a community feel.
  • Overall safer feeling.


  • Decisions take longer, especially on larger wikis.
  • More running space for trolls.
  • Arguments between voters are more likely.

The Oligarchic Side

This is where the topic becomes more controversial, as moral issues come to play here. I myself have had experiences with these types of wiki governments, and although it gives the general userbase a more laid back feel, it does leave people feeling left out, especially when some of the admin-made decisions carry importance to the community.


  • Logically more productive, especially on larger wikis.
  • Decisions aren't left to possible inexperienced users.
  • Less arguments between users as opinions are not made public.


  • Larger chance of admins being hated by the community, especially if they weren't picked by the community.
  • Some decisions that effect the entire community are better decided by the community.
  • Larger chance of corruption and user protests.

Now for the part where you come in, as this is a probe made to see if people share my views, so feel free to comment with your opinion on the matter, the side you choose and with death threats aimed at me and my family :P

Note: I am inexperienced in the blog writing process, please let me know if any of this breaks any rules or community guidelines.

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