Hey gang!

What a month it’s been since we last… wait… it’s been 8 months since we did one of these? 2020, right?

Halloween in November?

At the end of October and into early November, we held another one of our “edit jam” events, focusing on Halloween-related wikis. The event, Hocus Focus, was a lot of fun and helped improve 7 wikis. These “edit jams” are definitely a blast for us and we hope they are for you too!

Mando Mania!

The Mandalorian returns and is still a monster hit, with the continued adventures of the eponymous bounty hunter and his little green friend sending Wookiepedia traffic way out beyond the Outer Rim!

Wookieepedia has seen its traffic nearly double since Season 2 begin, which is a massive jump for one of our highest traffic wikis already. Some major fan favorites have seen their individual pages jump by thousands of percentage points, but I won’t name them here because revealing spoilers is the way to the Dark Side.

Into the Shadowlands, champion!

Blizzard released the latest World of Warcraft expansion, Shadowlands, shortly before the end of the month and the Wowpedia traffic went all the way beyond Mount Neverest, nearly doubling since the expansion launch.

Champions, as players are referred to instead of their character names by non-player characters, are particularly interested in The Jailer, the expansion’s main new antagonist.

The Future of Gamepedia

November also had some emotional news. A few weeks ago, we announced that the Gamepedia domain and standalone brand would be retired, with wikis migrating to Fandom domains with special Gamepedia legacy branding to follow.

The first batch of these migrations, which will confirm the search results impact and help to refine our migration process, has started. The gaming team is coordinating these moves and we will be offering help to affected communities in making sure their content is best received by Google’s search algorithm.

Editor of the Month

With the return of This Month at Fandom comes the return of Editor of the Month. We’re just going to honor the November EOTMs right now, but we’ll be doing a big post honoring all those we missed during lockdown, as well as Editors of the Year.

Since our offices remain closed due to COVID-19, the traditional Editor of the Month rewards of Fandom hoodies and Gamepedia swag boxes are not available to us, so we’ll be doing some digital rewards instead. We will reach out to the winners about those shortly.

Here are your November 2020 Editors of the Month!


Fandom: Kdarrow, for their dedicated work as a Fallout admin and editor

Gamepedia: K0lb3, for their massive efforts on The Alchemist Code wiki

Esports: PurpleCurse, in honor of 3 years of working on Leaguepedia


HiccstridFan92, for their constructive feedback and diligent bug reporting as part of the How To Train Your Dragon wiki’s migration to the Unified Community Platform, as well as helping to run to wiki’s contest for a Christmas-themed background.


Megistos86 has not only shown his devotion to the fandom, but to the wiki community as well. He is a loyal fan and contributor. His edits have been an extremely valuable source of information for thousands of users seeking answers to long-sought questions in the My Hero Academia lore.

Emerging Interests

Blueway, for continued excellence in administration and editing of the Kpop wiki, our #1 music wiki.

Hope you all are staying safe and enjoy your holidays, socially-distanced, of course!

Until next time!


Will "MisterWoodhouse" Kavanagh Fandom Staff

Will is the Global Community Lead at Fandom. Previously, he was the Community Manager for Gamepedia and the Gaming Community Manager for Imzy. Outside of work, he hangs at the beach, explores breweries, plays golf, and lifts big weights for fun.
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