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Hey gang!

July is at a close, so let’s observe our traditions and look back at the month that was…

FandomDesktop rollout

At the beginning of the month, we started converting existing wikis from Oasis and Hydra to FandomDesktop, with the first batch being almost entirely wikis that opted in for early movement with the “I’m Ready” button. I am pleased to say that, as of writing this, all wikis except and esports are now running FandomDesktop as the default experience, so we are nearly 100% rollout.

Data is Fun

The biggest releases in gaming for July weren’t releases at all, but rather tests. New World and Halo Infinite both launched tests for their upcoming full releases later this year and the former was really big on Fandom. New World Official Wiki traffic jumped 484% week over week to 582 thousand page views, with visitors most interested in weapons, factions, attributions, and weapon mastery. The most specific popular page was Rivercress, a magical plant within the game. With 200 thousand concurrent players during the New World beta, it seems that it will be a hit upon full release next month. Time will tell whether Halo Infinite’s “Technical Flights” are as big for the Halo wiki as New World was for its wiki.

The spice must flow, and so must the pageviews for the second DUNE trailer. The remake of the sci-fi epic with a legendary cast is finally coming in for a landing with a theatrical release in October… we hope. The second trailer dropped last week and we wanted to see how its impact on the DUNE wiki compared to the first trailer. While the second trailer seemed to show more of the movie than the first, it lacked some of the iconic moments from the book and was more focused on attracting casual moviegoers. As a result, the wiki impact was diminished, with 18% fewer pageviews than the first trailer. Duncan Idaho’s page, however, stood out, as people wanted to get to know Jason Momoa’s character better, with a 12% bump from the first trailer.

I know you want to know how Loki did. We’re not getting into spoilers here, but Loki did very well. The finale was the highest performing episode of the season from a wiki impact perspective and took second place in the MCU TV rankings for wiki impact behind WandaVision’s infamous “Agatha All Along” episode. Slyvie was the big MCU winner from the series overall, with 457 thousand pageviews for her page on the MCU wiki during the first season of Loki. Somebody I won’t mention got the most overall pageviews on the Marvel wiki with 467 thousand. His identity is a major spoiler, so if you know, you know.

Three series in, WandaVision is the champion for MCU and Marvel pageviews among the MCU TV series on Disney+, which average daily pageviews of 605k and 784k respectively. Falcon and Winter Soldier came in second with 648k/763k. Loki was in last with 527k/776k, but Loki also had fewer established MCU characters to show off and a lot more mystical stuff going on.

Editors of the Month

A month has passed. Time for new EOTMs!

Gaming - Masumi

Masumi has been contributing to the Yakuza wiki for two years, and in that time he was already inspiring others as a leader. Masumi’s dedication to go above and beyond in learning new ways to benefit the community brings everyone together. His enthusiasm extends to his incredible teamwork and sleek adaptations to UCX in the community’s CSS. Masumi is an outstanding example of what it means to be a Bureaucrat and editor.

Esports - Abolitoloco

Arbolitoloco joined Leaguepedia as a Latin America contributor this year, covering not only the LLA but also several other tournaments and filling a much-needed vacancy. We are super grateful for their help with updating data, rosters, scoreboards, pick/bans, and everything else that goes into live coverage updates!

TV/Movies - Sym0n1203

Sym0n1203 deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame for being an editing superstar on the Drag Race Wiki. Together with the rest of the moderator team, Simon is obsessed with all versions of Drag Race and even more with making sure the wiki is up to date with the latest news. He is such a delight to work with, from being a fun resident of the library (cause we all know that reading is fundamental) to being a helpful hand in massive wiki maintenance tasks like category cleanup or adding references. Simon, shantay you stay!

Anime - Zenry.N

Zenry.N has really stepped up on the 86 Wiki, working through five hundred edits this month and double that the month prior, with a particular penchant for substantial additions such as brand new pages and large overhauls. A qualitative editor for sure — we love to see it!

Emerging Interests - Mistertrouble189

Mistertrouble189 is an administrator of The Walking Dead, and contributor to other wikis such as Zelda Wiki and Wookieepedia. They are an expert community caretaker and passionate editor. The last year has been tremendous for many, and with Mistertrouble189’s assistance, UCP and UCX went off without a hitch. We commend them for their service to the community and appreciate the help they have offered throughout the last month alone!

Congrats to all the Editors of the Month

A Fateful Farewell

I’d like to take a moment before closing this edition of The Month at Fandom to say goodbye to a great colleague and friend. As some of you may know, ZoeCatfu, our Anime and Emerging Interests Community Manager, is leaving Fandom. Today is her last day.

Zoe has been a fantastic teammate, a fierce mama bear to her anime editors and admins, an all-around joy at Fandom, and remains a great friend. From her work advocating for anime and helping us to better understand its nuances to promoting the use of Twitch in how we reach editors with The Downstream, her impact on Fandom has been considerable. And I don't think anyone could ask for a more upbeat tour guide at Walt Disney World last year at Community Connect. We wish her all the best as she returns to full-time content creation on her Twitch channel, where she plays a variety of really interesting games. We will miss her dearly. Fair winds, Zoe!

And that’s it for July. We’ll be back this time next month for more updates. Pretty sure it’s going to be a big month with a lot going on :)

Fandom Staff
Will is the Global Communications Lead at Fandom. Previously, he was the Community Manager for Gamepedia and the Gaming Community Manager for Imzy. Outside of work, he hangs at the beach, explores breweries, plays golf, and lifts big weights for fun.
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