Hello, all!

Welcome to the August edition of This Month at Fandom, your monthly recap of all the things you may have missed on the platforms. We had some pretty cool things happen this month, so let’s dive in!

Our First Published Game

On August 20th, we at Fandom published our first video game, an awesome action-adventure roguelike with RPG elements called UnderMine, developed by the incredible two-person team at Thorium Entertainment. The game has been a great success, currently sitting at Very Positive in Steam ratings after just over a week in Early Access. Not a PC gamer? Fear not! UnderMine will be hitting the Xbox Game Pass and Nintendo Switch in 2020!

This is a new venture which allows us to explore how our expertise in the gaming space can be leveraged into exciting opportunities for Fandom and our users.

Be sure to check out the UnderMine Official Wiki on Gamepedia!

P.S. We’re very pleased that UnderMine got recognized for a very important feature.

Editor Rewards

Announced yesterday after months of pilot programs, the Editor Rewards initiative is the first step in the 4th of 5 pillars for 2019 work we outlined in the Growth Organization introduction back in April.

The programs described are our first forays into expressing our undying gratitude for all the amazing work our editors do on Fandom and Gamepedia. We have more programs in development and you’ll hear about the next one VERY soon.

Fandom at Wikimania

Editor Experience team member FishTank attended Wikimania in Stockholm — the annual conference for the people who operate Wikipedia and who make the MediaWiki software that powers Fandom's wikis. The conference showed that we have many of the same challenges and we are more alike than different. Expect that some of the strategies learned will make their way into the Editor Experience plans (and beyond) for later this year.

Vertical Updates


The biggest news from the Gaming team this month was, of course, the launch of UnderMine, but World of Warcraft Classic has also been a huge deal. As champions of Azeroth travel through time to 2004 and the adventuring ways of old, Wowpedia has been documenting the differences between Classic and Retail, so head over there for your WoW Classic fix!


With the release of the new season for 13 Reasons Why, we are running an editing contest with a Polaroid starter set as the prize. The contest closes on September 9th.

Also make sure you head over to the Stephen King wiki for an exclusive video about It: Chapter Two!

Technical Updates

As you may have noticed, you can now sign up on Fandom using your Twitch account, a step towards unifying the login tables between Fandom and Gamepedia!

We also made some search improvements, added @mentions to Discussions, and made other tweaks. To stay up to date on Technical Updates, make sure you bookmark our Technical Updates board.

Best Practices

August saw two additions to our Best Practices blog. Be sure to check them out if you feel that your wiki could use some improvements!

Well, that’s it for August! See you again at the end of September for our next recap!


Will "MisterWoodhouse" Kavanagh Fandom Staff

Will is the Global Community Lead at Fandom. Previously, he was the Community Manager for Gamepedia and the Gaming Community Manager for Imzy. Outside of work, he hangs at the beach, explores breweries, plays golf, and lifts big weights for fun.
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