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September comes to a close with This Month at Fandom, including cool data trends, Editors of the Month, and a summary of important updates you may have missed.


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Hello, wiki admins!

Today I am pleased to announce the release of our newest feature on Fandom, the Wiki Analytics Admin Dashboard! This feature comes to us from Gamepedia, where admins have been enjoying all of this glorious wiki data for about a year now.

This new analytics suite will give admins deeper data points to help inform their decision-making. We have provided data that we believe gives good insight into how your wiki is performing on several different fronts, but there is no one way to interpret the data – it is up to each wiki team to decide how they leverage the data to grow and strengthen their communities.

Within the dashboard, you can see the following metrics:

  • Top viewed pages
  • # of page views (daily over the past 30 days)
  • Most visited files
  • Desktop vs mobile sessions
  • Browser sessions breakdown (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc)
  • Geolocation (ranked by total sessions)
  • # of edits per day
  • Logged in vs out edits (per day)
  • Internal top search terms

I would like to extend a huge thank you to the admins of the wikis who helped us beta test the Analytics Dashboard on Fandom. Your insights and feedback were invaluable in getting us to global launch today. Our test communities were Undertale, South Park, Elder Scrolls, Arrowverse, and Xen Online. Thank you again!

The dashboard is now live on every Fandom wiki for everyone with the admin user right, found at Special:Analytics. Be sure to join our Official Fandom and Gamepedia Discord server and check out the #analytics channel to discuss cool data trends with fellow admins!

As with all projects, we’re happy to take your questions about this new admin tool!

Edit transparency: Due to a slight miscommunication, 3 data points were announced which are included in Gamepedia, but not on Fandom, due to data sourcing differences between the platforms. They have been removed from the announcement.

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Will is the Global Communications Lead at Fandom. Previously, he was the Community Manager for Gamepedia and the Gaming Community Manager for Imzy. Outside of work, he hangs at the beach, explores breweries, plays golf, and lifts big weights for fun.

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