Hey gang!

As promised, here is a rundown of all the bugs smashed in the second week of our pause to address quality of life bugs while the Design team iterated through all the great feedback we've received about the UCX preview at Community Connect. That public preview I promised? It was posted last night. Say hello to FandomDesktop!

This week, the following bugs were fixed:

  • A bug with wiki-description-site-meta on FandomMobile not being fully secure
  • A bug with code blocks in articles not displaying correctly on FandomMobile
  • A bug causing cursor on search results to miss the pointer property
  • A bug causing the upload form to duplicate the summary heading when manually adding a summary heading with no spaces (we're now being sanctioned by the UN for unauthorized cloning research)
  • A design issue with syntax highlighting on wikia.css depending on the local theme
  • A bug causing i18n messages to be messed up by text-transform
  • The new feature dot still being on Post tab within the search page (it's been at least a month. you've seen it, right?)
  • A bug causing some non-translated HTML entities in the search bar to appear
  • A bug causing a reflist error on FandomMobile
  • A bug causing the AbuseFilter range block option to go missing (a search party found the option with a broken ankle just off a popular trail in the White Mountains of New Hampshire)
  • A bug causing file pages to shift content after load on FandomMobile, impacting CLS within Core Web Vitals
  • Global nav search requiring 4 characters before suggestions instead of 3
  • A bug causing uploaded videos to not display on FandomMobile
  • A bug causing images to have their classes stripped (they miss 3rd period French)
  • The share button options are outdated and Japanese still had Google+ (RIP)
  • A bug causing subpages to not be viable as search terms
  • A bug causing links in the footer on the Fandom app to reach the wrong pages in non-EN languages
  • A bug causing y'all to not know the Wiki Rules and Blocking Policy was a thing (just kidding, not a bug, we just enabled the banner globally)
  • A bug causing exports to miss usernames
  • A bug causing password resets to show errors when the form is submitted
  • A bug causing local wiki themes to be ignored when editing a profile masthead
  • A bug causing the view source button to give you an edit experience on a page to which you do not have access (nothing would happen if you hit save, but we figured it was a good idea to lock that down for frustration's sake; also, of course that's something pcj noticed)
  • A bug causing Special:Analytics to adopt the header color from Theme Designer, but not the text color, which can cause an unreadable layout depending on the local wiki theme
  • A bug causing Special:SocialActivity to sometimes remove namespaces from link labels, including blogs
  • A bug causing link suggest to incorrectly remove colons from links (that's reserved for surgery, gang)
  • A bug causing TagsReport fatal errors on several wikis (the bug causing TagzReports on Fallout is still present; sorry Mike, I had to)
  • A bug allowing people to bypass blacklisted titles for new wikis through an API
  • A bug causing ImportJS to have trouble with spaces in import lines (we told it that we needed some space and it interpreted that as being "on a break")
  • A bug causing extremely large pages to return 504 errors when attempting to edit
  • A bug causing Special:ListUsers to error when you click Last Page while sorting for most edits (thank you Encyclopedia SpongeBobia!)
  • A bug causing Multiwikifinder to not be very good at finding Gamepedia wikis
  • A bug causing VisualEditor to not allow admins to edit pages protected to admin-only editing
  • A bug causing users to accidentally overwrite each others videos (used to happen to me with the VCR in middle school)
  • A bug causing the in-editor upload tool to fail silently when uploading images with a mime-type mismatch (silent is probably appropriate here, given mimes; this ticket also had a great picture of a corgi, seen below)
  • A bug causing the return key to not submit the edit whilst in the edit summary field
  • A bug causing the right rail to appear on help pages whilst being edited
  • A bug causing sliders to incorrectly insert a line space afterwards
  • A bug causing our COPPA anonymization tool to output an ipv6 value which looked terrible
  • The Admin Dashboard was missing ListUsers (omg this was such an annoyance for me, thank you Kirkburn)
  • Various back-end bugs which do not directly affect front-end user experience

Here's Aquarium the Corgi Aquarium the Corgi.jpg

So that's the second week of bug squashing. Our teams are getting back to work on delivering FandomDesktop to you for hands on experience later this spring (northern hemisphere, since all of our offices are up here). As part of development sprints going forward, more developer capacity will be set aside for handling quality of life bugs like the 206 we squashed in this single sprint. We have a backlog to churn through and will do so as we deliver new things to you.

From all of us in Will's home office: I'm Will, signing off. Have a great weekend, everybody!


Will "MisterWoodhouse" Kavanagh Fandom Staff

Will is the Global Community Lead at Fandom. Previously, he was the Community Manager for Gamepedia and the Gaming Community Manager for Imzy. Outside of work, he hangs at the beach, explores breweries, plays golf, and lifts big weights for fun.

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