Hey gang!

As promised, here is a rundown of all the bugs smashed in the first week of our pause to address quality of life bugs while the Design team iterates through all the great feedback we've received about the UCX preview at Community Connect. You can expect a public preview of the UCX very soon!

On Tuesday, the following bugs were fixed:

  • A bug causing the table of contents to show both numbered and bulleted styling
  • A bug causing the Project namespace to not have the right rail enabled
  • A bug causing updates to the Fandom Design System to cause issues with diff styling and icons
  • A bug causing Special:SocialActivity to parse templates, breaking the page layout and potentially causing abuse
  • A bug causing the characters F, D, and X to break gallery links
  • A bug causing unread notifications to not have any indication on Gamepedia wikis using FandomMobile
  • A bug causing Message Wall 2.0 and Article Comments 2.0 to not output to an IRC feed
  • A bug causing duplicate content to show up in the Recent Wiki Activity module
  • A bug with image spacing on ImageUpload for Safari users
  • A bug causing hide/view deleted comments to be missing for privileged users other than admins
  • A bug causing a global staff and volunteer tool to throw an internal error
  • A bug causing the Special:Contributions namespace dropdown layout to break
  • A bug causing certain redirects of old Fallout wiki from Gamepedia to not properly parse to the archive URL on Fandom
  • Various back-end bugs related to overall platform performance, but do not directly impact front-end features.

On Thursday, the following bugs were fixed:

  • A bug causing search on Fandom.com to not work
  • A bug causing print layout to include the entire layout, rather than just the content area
  • A bug causing images in gallery/slideshow to not show as used
  • A bug causing number list formatting to not show on Special:Upload
  • A bug causing highlighted references to not be readable on dark backgrounds
  • A bug causing certain page types to not be readable on dark-themed wikis
  • A bug causing hidden categories to be displayed on mobile main pages on FandomMobile
  • A bug causing code pages to have overflow hidden on FandomMobile
  • A bug causing uploaded videos to not display on pages on FandomMobile
  • A bug causing duplicate headings to appear when there are quotes in a page title
  • A bug causing the search field to not autofocus on FandomMobile
  • A bug causing right rail to cover search results on advanced Special:Search queries on Firefox
  • A bug causing search to be case sensitive
  • ISBN magic links were disabled by a conflict of core functionality and an extension (the aforementioned odd case from last week's announcement) - They are now globally enabled
  • A bug with image renames and redirects in ImageServing
  • A bug causing the Discord username field on Fandom profile to have no character limit
  • A bug causing the "Create a new page" option on WikiaBar to behave differently than the create page button in the local nav
  • A bug causing link suggestions to sometimes display in areas of the screen away from the link itself
  • A bug causing Link Suggest to not display when typing a link in the middle of a long article in the 2010 Source Editor
  • A bug causing User/wikia.css to not work on the UCP
  • A bug causing Special:CreateBlogListingPage preview to show a formatting error or incorrectly create the page
  • A bug causing bloglist to miss appropriate formatting
  • A bug causing the customize cogwheel button to be located too high on the user toolbar
  • A bug causing create blog post to show when users are missing blog creation permissions
  • A bug causing reported blog comment links to be broken
  • A bug causing the live updates option on Special:SocialActivity to result in duplicate log entries
  • A bug causing 2010 editor with SyntaxHighlighter enabled to sometimes replace normal whitespace characters/adding space-like characters even when copy pasting
  • A bug causing autoconfirmed users to lack the suppressredirect permission
  • A bug causing deleted pages to still be visible in the Recent Wiki Activity right rail module
  • A bug causing categories with a media gallery to show the "Add a Photo to this Gallery" button
  • A bug causing media and citation tools to lose visibility on smaller screens within the Visual Editor
  • A bug causing the banner notification of a successful page move to be displayed in boldface and in the wiki's language, rather than the user's language
  • A bug causing incorrect syntax highlighting for magic words
  • A bug causing an image description to be required on image upload
  • A styling issue for comment popup in Visual Editor
  • A design issue for the Math formula popup in Visual Editor
  • A poor theming experience for the post-upload summary screenshot on dark-themed wikis
  • A bug causing the hardcoded links within the Community page help module to go through redirects, due to the change with SharedHelp
  • A bug causing Wiki Representatives and Specialists to not have the new entry point for Reported in the bottom toolbar visible
  • A bug causing the AbuseFilter to not format correctly on dark-themed wikis
  • A bug preventing community progress tasks from being dismissed
  • A bug causing Reported to sometimes list phantom posts
  • Various back-end bugs related to overall platform performance, but do not directly impact front-end features.

All in all, we have 121 bug fixes completed as part of the first week of work, many of them listed above as deployed.

We will continue to squash the bugs and you'll have another summary from me next week.

I'd like to extend a huge thanks to all of the Wiki Representatives, Wiki Specialists, and Fandom volunteers who have been so great about filling out bug reports from all of you. Their work is critical to the success of our bug squashing and they deserve a round of applause.


Will "MisterWoodhouse" Kavanagh Fandom Staff

Will is the Global Community Lead at Fandom. Previously, he was the Community Manager for Gamepedia and the Gaming Community Manager for Imzy. Outside of work, he hangs at the beach, explores breweries, plays golf, and lifts big weights for fun.
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