Hello, all!

A couple of weeks ago, we announced Fandom Editor Rewards, a comprehensive program to express our gratitude for exceptional editors in new ways.

Fandom x Design by Humans

In that post, I teased that there was another way to get your hands on cool stuff from Fandom coming soon. Today, I am happy to announce that we have created a merchandise portal on Design by Humans with a selection of brand new Fandom swag designs.

While you are more than welcome to buy this merchandise, this isn’t about selling you Fandom t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, etc. You can buy items if you want, but this is ultimately about having a better way for our Editor Rewards programs to source Fandom merchandise to you, for free, than we have had in the past. I could go into incredible detail, but we are simply not equipped to manage purchase, intake, storage, fulfillment, and shipment of Fandom-branded merchandise to a global network of amazing editors on the scale that you deserve.

Without further ado, here are the designs you can select for hoodies, tshirts, mugs, and phone cases!

A note about Editor of the Month

I want to acknowledge the excellent feedback we received about the Editor Rewards announcement concerning Editor of the Month and clear up some misconceptions. We received lots of feedback expressing the concern that Editor of the Month would lead people to spam or otherwise contribute low quality edits in order to reach a certain edit count in order to win.

Editor of the Month is not a monthly contest to see who can reach the most edits. Spamming low-quality edits won't win you a prize. It's much more likely to earn you a block.

Editors of the Month will be selected by the vertical teams who will look at the overall contributions made to content as well as community. Take for example, one of our 2018 Gamepedia Editors of the Month (and inaugural Editor of the Year), MarkusRost: He was selected because, in addition to being a phenomenal editor who contributed to the Official Minecraft Wiki, he also gave the overall wiki community his incredible WikiBot, which allows you to search any wiki on Fandom and Gamepedia via chat commands on Discord or Twitch.

That is the kind of editor we are seeking to honor with Editor of the Month - somebody who isn’t just making lots of changes to pages, but also finding ways to improve the community as a whole.

As with all announcements, we are happy to take your questions about what we’ve discussed today! If you have a staff question about another topic or need support, please contact make a ticket.


Will "MisterWoodhouse" Kavanagh Fandom Staff

Will is the Global Community Lead at Fandom. Previously, he was the Community Manager for Gamepedia and the Gaming Community Manager for Imzy. Outside of work, he hangs at the beach, explores breweries, plays golf, and lifts big weights for fun.
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