Hey gang!

Another year and another month have passed, so the time has come to take a look back at 2020 and January 2021, while dishing out some honors.

2020 was noteworthy

For a lot of reasons, 2020 will be a year that gets referred to a LOT in history. Let's review some of those reasons.

  • Basically every movie was postponed.
  • Most big video games got delayed.
  • All TV production shut down.
  • Everyone found out that OMG, Mark is 24.
  • Carol Baskin got thrust into the spotlight.
  • One Piece hit 999 chapters.
  • Tom Brady changed teams.
  • We rolled out a new wiki platform.

2020 was also a year for some really big new arrivals, returns, and discovery.

  • Genshin Impact arrived and its wiki went THROUGH THE ROOF. It grew 139,569,215% year over year in traffic, becoming the #1 wiki on the platform at one point this year.
  • The Boys returned in an explosive way with 428% wiki growth.
  • Jujutsu Kaisen was a massive hit that built hype with a weekly release model, resulting in 3,782% wiki growth.
  • Cottagecore and angelcore aesthetics propelled the established Aesthetics wiki with 3,434% growth, as folks stuck at home worked a lot on their fit and their environment.
  • K-pop continued to soar, thanks in part to activism campaigns from some of the genre's top groups. The wiki was up 93%, which is impressive for our top music community.

The Lockdown Editors of the Month

As promised, we kept an eye on your contributions during lockdown and, while I may have had other stuff on my plate and This Month at Fandom took a backseat, your Editors of the Month were noted.

Here are the "Lockdown" Editors of the Month:




AightPringles  For leading the effort to build up the Valorant esports wiki in the early days of the new esport


Machine_Maker for their work on the Last Oasis Wiki and its community


Rmkane for their awesome work upgrading and cataloging images on the diablo wiki



Kast2 for leading the effort to create a Discord support server for the Fortnite esports wiki as well as being a long-term leader/admin in the Fortnite esports wiki


Ish_Siliconera for their contribution on this monument


Multibrawlr He's been very active throughout May, updating a lot of information on all of the games in the series and adding new templates to make browsing easier for the users



Lavazomb for years of consistently covering LEC as well as caster predictions across multiple international leagues


Alex_Great They have been extremely helpful the past month with updating the Russian Wiki and also started helping out the Ukrainian Wiki.


Snivystorm For their wiki work with the release of Last of us 2



SunderedShor for numerous contributions to the Year of Monsters project







PorygonA Excellent work on the wiki







Almalif For their work on Pathologic, Hades, and The Void wikis







Alexrmski for his work on Ark and its translations







Mr._Aqua for their work on We Need to Go Deeper




Ikosaeder for work unifing the Hexer Fandom and Gamepedia wikis

Movies and TV

  • April: Copeinator123 for outstanding contributions on Marvel Database. He has consistently been a top editor for the community and works tirelessly to keep the wiki organized and up-to-date.
  • May: WellingtonSmith for She-Ra Season 5. He has been open to our changes on She-Ra during the Season 5 release, participated in the Hey Fandom! event, worked with us for the creation of a She-Ra Discord server, has been writing episode summaries for the show, and also worked with Global Discussions Moderators to help keep Discussions clean. An all around excellent contributor who supports diversity and inclusion.
  • June: VanigleDingle. Truly fantastic edits on the Harley Quinn Wiki during the month of June, and great edits on She-Ra Wiki.
  • July: Thor2000 for his work on Unsolved Mysteries. Thor2000 works on a lot of communities and has a big interest in renovating wikis, particularly about older TV shows. This is a passion project for him, and he tries hard to give wikis a new lease on life.
  • August: Lola987 for Disney. Lola has been extremely cooperative on Disney Wiki. She has been very open to new ideas, and she has been rallying users to create a new moderation team on Disney Wiki.
  • September: Valkerone for his work in Villains wiki in September, when the wiki was highly visited because of The Boys’ villains
  • October: Gvsualan for Memory Alpha. Voracious editor on Memory Alpha who has been with the wiki since forever, the sheer amount of edits a testimony to his dedication to the franchise. Did a great job, as usual, during the release of Star Trek: Discovery, Season 3.
  • December: Lewisr for his countless edits on Wookieepedia. His help to keep the rumors away from Wookieepedia after all the recent announcements was determining to have accurate info about Star Wars. He is not only one of the top contributors on Wookieepedia, but has also made the most edits for the entire Movies/TV Vertical this year.


April: WikiNumbers has made some great contributions to newer wikis and helped them turn into model communities. He played a big role in turning the Cautious Hero wiki into what it is today and has been a spectacular leader on Amagi Brilliant Park, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Future Card Buddyfight wikis, among others.  

May: Damage3245 is also a terrific leader across several wiki, like My Hero Academia, Chainsaw Man, and Undead Unlock. He was also a thrill to work with on our recent JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure project and played a major role in revitalizing that wiki.

June: Rii.ul deserves massive praise for playing a pivotal role in building up the Time Paradox Ghostwriter wiki so quickly and making a staggering 563 edits to the community in less than two months. She’s making sure that one of the most promising new manga in Shonen Jump has a wiki that matches its potential.

July: KuroMyy went above and beyond with their editing of the Misfit of Demon King Academy wiki. They took its fairly standard base, and built the wiki up to the impressive and streamlined experience that it is currently. Considering KuroMyy only joined this community in March, these edits are all the more impressive and appreciated.

August: Elizhaa from VS Battles has been doing great work for a while and is our August Editor of the Month for Anime.

September: Fliu from One Piece wiki (celebrating 15 years as a wiki!) for continued excellence

October: TheGEORGIO from Jujutsu Kaisen wiki, for all their hard work as a Content Mod and dedicated editor.

December: Harushiga - Throughout the last few months, this user has shown their dedication to the platform by adding quality edits to an overwhelming amount of wikis for any single user.

Emerging Interests

April: SOTO - A fantastic long-time editor with a particular interest in real-world cultural references within the Doctor Who fandom, a very rich subject for discussion and documentation.

May: TheInternetTombRaider for continued hard work as an admin and editor on the Aesthetics wiki.

June: DarkLantern - A very diligent admin who keeps the One Wiki organized and well-formatted.

July: AxG from Logopedia for all things documentation of iconography. Fun fact: Logopedia is one of the favorite wikis of our Chief Marketing Officer.

August: Violetthegirl from the Billie Eilish wiki. A very prolific editor and admin.

September: Pavelpolezhaev from the Selena Gomez wiki. "Note that the creators of this wiki are not Selena Gomez" is raising a question answered by the statement.

October: Lucas_Millonario - A great editor of several music wikis who is dedicated to the organization of image content.

December: Haerangil - The Spice Must Flow and so must the edits. I’m really excited for DUNE to come out this year and it seems that this prolific editor and DUNE fan is too :)

Editors of the Year for 2020

Huge congrats to all the lockdown Editors of the Month. Now onto the annual honors.



Fairytail wouldn't be what it is without LightningGeist's assistance. His dedication to the community is apparent. He even sets time aside to explain how to edit a wiki to new users.



ATCN has done great work for the Gamepedia community as it relates to the UCP and tracking it for the community. Their help articles are widely used by the community and are greatly appreciated. ATCN has also provided a ton of Lua help to the esports wikis, but also to anyone who needs it on the Fandom/Gamepedia Discord server.

Fandom Gaming


Most of their ~73,000 edits were made during 2020 and they would have won their request for adminship on the Fallout Wiki unanimously with 40 votes were it not for one user changing their vote from yes to no just to make it not be unanimous.



This past year, Thrust has taken the lead in our roster-change-conversion project, manually updating the input format of all our roster changes dating back the past decade on the wiki. In addition to converting tons of them himself, he's trained new people on how to use the system and also helped to shape the design of a large number of facets of the new system. Thrust also monitors the script that populates daily Global Contract Database changes and edits pages as needed, in addition to informing of any lapses in the system.

Aside from roster changes, Thrust has covered or helped to cover several leagues: EBL, Hitpoint Masters, Spanish 2nd Division & Amateur Scene, OPL (RIP), and LCL. He also generally helped out with creating and updating pages on the wiki as changes happened. Without the help of automated tools, Thrust frequently made 50-100 or more edits daily throughout the year.

Movies and TV


Lewisr for his countless edits on Wookieepedia. His help to keep the rumors away from Wookieepedia after all the recent announcements was determining to have accurate info about Star Wars. He is not only one of the top contributors on Wookieepedia, but has also made the most edits for the entire Movies/TV Vertical this year.

Emerging Interests


A fantastic long-time editor with a particular interest in real-world cultural references within the Doctor Who fandom, a very rich subject for discussion and documentation.

Editors of the Month - January 2021


DrunkDwarf for doing a great job reviving and improving the Mordhau wiki

Fandom Gaming

Jspoelstra for years of constant great work on Nukapedia + The Vault

Movies and TV

Nerdtastic1221 for their amazing contributions to MCU Wiki during the release of WandaVision


Kaido_King_of_the_Beasts  "An absolute workhorse, between his constant moderation and community building activities, to adding his own quality edits, he is a worthy choice for editor of the month in the Anime community."

Emerging Interests

Smijes08 "An extremely active and consistent editor of the current top Emerging Interests category. He is a massive contributor for the SUPERPOWER Wiki! He deserves to be recognized for his quality editing."


That's a lot of awards. Congrats to all the winners! We'll be in touch :)

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Will "MisterWoodhouse" Kavanagh Fandom Staff

Will is the Global Communications Lead at Fandom. Previously, he was the Community Manager for Gamepedia and the Gaming Community Manager for Imzy. Outside of work, he hangs at the beach, explores breweries, plays golf, and lifts big weights for fun.
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