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MisterWoodhouse MisterWoodhouse 21 December 2021

My Farewell to You

Hey gang!

All things must come to an end and, on December 31st, two things ending will be the year 2021 and my time on Fandom staff.

It has been an absolute pleasure to be with you for four and a half years between my time at Gamepedia and my time here at Fandom. From Twitch streams and Checkpoints to Connects and This Month at Fandom to UCP blogs and Ask Me Anything sessions, I’ve loved getting to help you all with your own communities, celebrate your successes, and listen to your amazing feedback to make this place even better.

As I don my sunglasses and ride off into the sunset, I have some parting words for you:

Always remember that we are all passionate people united in our fan identity. The drama that comes from time to time is not impor…

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MisterWoodhouse MisterWoodhouse 20 December 2021

This Year at Fandom - 2021

Hey gang!

With December almost finished and Fandom’s holiday break coming up, it’s time for us to look back at a year that was rather busy, with lots of evolution and exploration for Fandom, the platform, and you - our awesome editors!

This was 2021.

  • 1 A whole new world
  • 2 A community celebration
  • 3 Putting the new platform through its paces
  • 4 Welcome to the new Fandom
  • 5 No in-person? No problem!
  • 6 Safety is paramount
  • 7 Editors of the Year
  • 8 In Closing

The year kicked off with us in the process of finishing up development and rollout of the Unified Community Platform, Fandom’s largest project ever, bringing Fandom and Gamepedia wikis together on a single new codebase running a modern version of MediaWiki, with so many basic updates that we literally couldn’t c…

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MisterWoodhouse MisterWoodhouse 30 November 2021

This Month at Fandom - November 2021

Hey gang!

The penultimate month of 2021 has come to a close and it is time to observe the rituals of community. Let’s review the month that was November 2021.

  • 1 Celebrating Native American Heritage Month
  • 2 Starlight Design-A-Gown winner
  • 3 Community Spotlight
  • 4 Data is Fun
  • 5 Editors of the Month

Like our celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month in October, we paused to recognize and celebrate Native American Heritage Month in November with a blog post highlighting movies and TV shows that incorporate characters and themes related to the tribes of American Indians and Alaskan Natives. We continued to use our special Heritage Discord server for discussing how wikis can best honor the heritage of the tribes and their people.

Back in September, we invited the…

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MisterWoodhouse MisterWoodhouse 3 November 2021

Starlight Design-A-Gown winner

Hey gang!

In September, we announced our partnership with Starlight Children’s Foundation, a fantastic organization that runs a few programs to help bring comfort to kids going through treatment for serious illnesses at children’s hospitals in the United States.

As part of that partnership, we invited the entire Fandom community - editors, readers, contractors, and staff - to take part in designing the next comfortable, colorful hospital gown for Starlight’s signature program, Starlight Hospital Wear. These side-cinching gowns provide additional comfort for kids braving long and, sometimes, frequent hospital stays. You stepped up. We got 91 fantastic entries into our Design-A-Gown contest, narrowed those down to 3 finalists, and let you choo…

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MisterWoodhouse MisterWoodhouse 29 October 2021

This Month at Fandom - October 2021

Hey gang!

The spookiest month of the year is nearing its Jack-o'-Lantern-studded finale (Halloween) and it’s time to observe our not so spooky rituals with a recap of the month that was October 2021.

  • 1 Content Review and Dev Scripts on Historically Gamepedia Wikis
  • 2 We have a Bug Bounty program!
  • 3 Closing out Hispanic Heritage Month
  • 4 Welcoming a new Community Manager!
  • 5 The end of Featured Video and the launch of Interactive Video
  • 6 Community Spotlight - Forgotten Realms Wiki
  • 7 Data Is Fun
  • 8 Editors of the Month

Earlier this month, our engineering team finished the work necessary to enable Content Review on wikis which came to Fandom from Gamepedia. Content Review is a security process involving a manual review of changes to wiki-level custom JavaScript, t…

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