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  • MisterWoodhouse

    Hello, all!

    It is with immense pleasure that I get to announce we are publishing our very first video game! The game is called UnderMine and was developed by Thorium Entertainment. UnderMine is an action-adventure roguelike with RPG elements. If you enjoy games like The Binding of Isaac, The Legend of Zelda, Dead Cells, Rogue Legacy, Moonlighter, and Enter The Gungeon, you are going to LOVE UnderMine.

    Here’s how the team from Thorium describes UnderMine:

    How many genres can one game belong to? We would have preferred all of them, but you’ll just have to settle for most of them. UnderMine stirs a delicious pot of genre soup, taking only the highest quality ingredients from each. We took the procedurally generated madness of the craziest rogue-…

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  • MisterWoodhouse

    Hello, wiki admins!

    Today I am pleased to announce the release of our newest feature on Fandom, the Wiki Analytics Admin Dashboard! This feature comes to us from Gamepedia, where admins have been enjoying all of this glorious wiki data for about a year now.

    This new analytics suite will give admins deeper data points to help inform their decision-making. We have provided data that we believe gives good insight into how your wiki is performing on several different fronts, but there is no one way to interpret the data – it is up to each wiki team to decide how they leverage the data to grow and strengthen their communities.

    Within the dashboard, you can see the following metrics:

    • Top viewed pages
    • # of page views (daily over the past 30 days)
    • Most…
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  • MisterWoodhouse

    Hello all!

    Welcome to the second edition of This Month at Fandom, our monthly digest of things you may have missed on the platform!

    Let’s dive right in!

    This month, we announced two new programs. In early July, we opened the doors on our official Discord server for Fandom and Gamepedia editors. We now have over 1,000 members on the server and folks are enjoying the increased access to staff as well as cooperation with fellow editors from other wikis. If you haven’t checked it out yet, click the link above and get yourself online and verified!

    We also announced the Fandom Official Community Partnership Program, bringing the very successful Official Wiki program on Gamepedia over to Fandom. Our first set of Official Wikis on Fandom have been gre…

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  • MisterWoodhouse

    Hello, all!

    Today I am excited to announce another new project here at Fandom— our official bug bounty program. This program is starting on D&D Beyond, but we intend to expand it to our other platforms over time, arriving on Fandom and Gamepedia sometime next year.

    A bug bounty program is where we invite skilled security researchers/ethical hackers (AKA “white hat hackers”) to try to find security issues in our applications and report them to us responsibly. In return, we pay them bounties of different amounts depending on the severity of the vulnerability they report and the impact it could have to our users and our business. By leveraging the skill and tenacity of white hats, we can better improve the security of our sites while pursuing o…

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  • MisterWoodhouse

    Hey editors!

    In the reorganization announcement, we outlined a few areas of focus for our current projects. We already told you about the Fandom Wiki Managers and Content Team and the MediaWiki Upgrade. Today, we’re happy to share another project ready for launch: the official Discord server for Fandom and Gamepedia editors and admins!

    A big ask from the community has been better communication with staff. This new server will allow our editors and admins to have increased access to staff with lower communication barriers.

    A lot of wiki teams already use Discord to organize editing and admin activity, so it makes the most sense to go where so many of our users are already comfortable. Discord also represents a nice unification opportunity for …

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