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    Since we last talked to you about Featured Video and how we want to eventually replace it on the platform, we’ve been working on what that replacement experience looks and feels like for our users. While we are making progress, we are also finding that we need more data points and experimentation to give us the insights to get it right. We’ve found, for instance, that featured video does not change the bounce rate (people who come and leave immediately) vs pages without featured video, and that session lengths and page views are equal with and without featured video. But is there an opportunity to actually extend sessions and engage users more? We hope so. There are many potential solutions, but it is important that we arrive at the right …

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  • MisterWoodhouse

    Hello there!

    With the end of the month falling over Thanksgiving weekend in the United States, we opted to push This Month at Fandom out a little bit, so here’s what happened last month!

    A few weeks ago, we introduced what we’re calling Global Taxonomy. It’s a way that we’re structuring wiki data to look at the relationships between different wikis and their content. The first benefit to our users from this project will come early in 2020 as we leverage the Fan Feed feature at the bottom of wiki pages into a data-driven wiki recommendation experience. By looking at data we already have about wikis with user overlaps, we can provide recommendations based on your currently viewed wiki. We’ve had a lot a fantastic feedback about this feature al…

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  • MisterWoodhouse

    “How can people find my wiki?” is an age-old question. Most people find their way to wikis through Google search. On Fandom itself, there’s never been a truly effective way to showcase content from other wikis that people might be interested in. We have the Popular Pages module in the right rail and the Fan Feed on the bottom of the page, but your feedback on those over the years have been clear -- they’re not always relevant, and the Fan Feed is massive at the bottom.

    Today we’re excited to tell you about a project we’ve been working on throughout the year, one that will help fans better discover content you create that, most importantly, is relevant to them.

    We’re building a Global Taxonomy that we’ll be able to use on our current platform…

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  • MisterWoodhouse

    Happy Halloween, everyone!

    As I’m typing this, I’m wearing my normal Halloween costume, so we’re in for a very festive recap :)

    This month, we revealed that Fandom and Gamepedia will be coming together on a new software platform that is codenamed Unified Community Platform. This was followed up with a blog post revealing four features which have to be replaced due to non-viable, tangled code. To be clear, we are not deleting these features and moving on with nothing to fill the void. All of them are being replaced with newer versions which are compatible with a 7 years newer version of MediaWiki, the underlying software which runs the wiki platform.

    Your feedback on these two blogs was extensive and we really appreciate that both sides are li…

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  • MisterWoodhouse

    Hello, all!

    As promised, this is the follow-up to last week’s blog post with our first update on what is being called the Unified Community Platform (UCP) project.

    Before we dive into work we’re doing or have completed already, I’m going to address some concerns from last week’s blog.

    What will happen to my wiki’s content?

    It will be migrated onto the new platform. It will still be your wiki. Your edits will still be your edits. We’re working to make the migration as painless as possible.

    What will happen to my account permissions?

    Your account rights will be respected. We may have to make some slight changes to the rights themselves, like names or exact permissions, but you will have the equivalent of your current rights on the new platform.


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