At the beginning of June, we launched a major update to the FANDOM app on iOS. We added wiki articles and Discussions to the existing editorial content, uniting all types of content in one app. Now the same unified experience is available on Android as well.

Catch me up - what’s new in this big update?

With the unified FANDOM app for iOS and now for Android, fans can follow an entire fandom and all of its content, rather than just follow news topics. You have access to many fandoms, some of which consist of a standalone community without editorial content, editorial content only, and many that offer both. You choose which fandoms to follow and participate in.

This update also introduced the FANDOM app to international users, featuring communities and Discussions in their language, although editorial content remains exclusively in English for the time being.

Additional new features include:

  • A profile with your user avatar and bio which you'll soon be able to edit in the app itself,
  • Push Notifications per fandom about new posts and notifications in Discussions,
  • A Recent Activity tab on your profile that shows your activity across your followed fandoms,
  • The option to change the wiki language per fandom from that fandom’s screen or your profile.

What’s next?

We are continuously adding more fandoms to the app, as well as more wikis in non-English languages. In future updates, you’ll see even more features added. For example, you will see Announcements notifications from those communities where you’ve been recently active. Discussions in the FANDOM app will also soon support the polls you know from the web version of Discussions.

Have you tried the unified FANDOM app yet? Share your thoughts in the comments!

User-Mira Laime

Mira Laime Fandom Staff

Mira Laime is a Community Manager and Support Team member at FANDOM. She loves games (on a screen as well as on a table), baking and CrossFit. Her number one fandom is The Lord of the Rings, and she used to pass notes written in the Elven script Tengwar to her best friend during high school.
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