There have been a lot of exciting updates to FANDOM lately, between continued work on Wiki Modernization and the launch of the new FANDOM News and Stories. One of our most recent updates was the new page and article headers, and we are excited to announce that the page header will be arriving on Discussions tomorrow!

The goal of Wiki Modernization is to offer a modern digital experience that provides the right content at the right time, is easy to navigate, and delivers a better experience for our audience. Tomorrow's update brings those goals into Discussions by making it much more visually connected to the wiki. Navigating back and forth between Discussions and wiki articles will become much easier.

Check out some screenshots of the updated design:

This update also brings some changes when you view posts in Discussions. On the list of a user's posts and replies, their avatar is now more prominent and is placed in the left column. When you look at the detail view of a specific post, the avatars of the users taking part in the conversation are also now displayed to the left of the post content.

You can see screenshots of that here:

Bringing more visual consistency between Discussions and wikis is key to a modern FANDOM experience, so we're thrilled to have this update go live. We'll be talking more about the continued development of Discussions in the coming months, in addition to the ongoing work with Wiki Modernization.

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions about this update!

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