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You won’t get a shiny diploma you can hang on your wall - but Wikia University is still a course worth going through. Maybe you’re nodding vigorously right now, because you’ve already completed every study track, and consider yourself an editing pro. But maybe you’re scratching your head instead, wondering what I’m talking about?

What is Wikia University?

Wikia University isn’t a real life campus somewhere (although that would be awesome!), but a series of short videos that teach you how to use Wikia. The videos are divided into five study tracks, each one aimed at users on a different level of editing experience:

  • Welcome to Wikia - start here if you’re new to Wikia and are wondering what it is all about
  • Editing 101 - a walkthrough of your first contributions
  • Building a Community - learn how to start and grow your very own community
  • Managing a Community - this one teaches admins how to run a successful wikia
  • Advanced Editing - getting technical with design, custom code, and mobile-friendly content

You can watch all videos as a sequence, or just pick the topics you want to learn about, and watch them individually. Each video page also includes links to further resources on the topic, and of course, you can always go to the forums if you still have questions about what you just learned.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you didn’t know Wikia University existed: Go check it out! If you’ve already watched some of the video tutorials: We’d love to hear what you think. Did they help you? Why/Why not? Maybe some of you prefer reading a help page over watching video tutorials altogether when you’re trying to acquire a new editing skill?

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More Videos are coming

We’re constantly adding more videos to our study tracks. What do you think our next video should be about? What topics are still missing from Wikia University? Tell us in the comments!

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