I was making a wiki about Minecraft Ores. After a day, a few vandals came in and wrecked the thing. There were quite a few, and now I'm getting worried. I scared them all away... but now I'm the only contributor... vandalism caused this? And how do I keep the vandals away for good?

So here is thelist of people who vandalised the wiki.

Flypancake - made a few edits which made the wiki look stupid. Also embarassed me in front of Leigence2012. aka The Oreo Man - made EVERY page into a TOTAL riot. Replaced everything saying "ore" to "oreo" and entered total nonsense. did not do a lot of edits. Only put some lies on the page "Emerald Ore" created a page called "Wiki Content", which totally harrassed me. replaced most of "Diamond Ore" with "lolololololololololololololoololololololololoolololololololololol". put TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL and LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL on the main page. put on the main page: "This is a wiki where people who have no life but to copy other's work, and to make useless wikis live! Thanks guys for visiting!" (Dr.Penis and Google Hammer) was almost as bad as the Oreo Man. He listed the main page on Candidates for deletion, replaced most of the pages with swearing, and also did some oreo business.

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