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Welcome to Founder & Admin Central! As you can see we’re still in the middle of decorating and sprucing up the place. It’s just the beginning of this community and we are really excited to get the ball rolling.

So what IS the difference between the two spaces, Community Central and Founder & Admin Central? Some of you have asked and it’s not only a great question but a valid one as well. Community Central covers absolutely everything regarding the wiki experience for all users, where as Founder & Admin Central covers topics strictly surrounding founder and admin experience.

Let me tell you what we are aiming for in this space (and I also invite you to tell me what you’d like to see in the comment section):

Our intentions for creating an F/A Central as a separate space from Community was to open a space for founders and admins to come and share their knowledge and learn more about all things founder and admin related. It's a space that will deal strictly with topics, issues, threads, etc that are exclusive to founder and admin experience. As of now, F/A is five sections:

  • Founder & Admin Blog - here there will be blog posts on all kinds of topics founder/admin related, from tips and tricks to new product to how to use new features. We’ll also have Q&A’s with founders and guest blog posts.
  • User Blog: Admin Topics - this is a space for you as users to create your own content. Here you can blog about your experience, write a how-to, or whatever you’d like to share with your peers.
  • Best Practices - in the future you will see articles here about what’s good etiquette around Wikia.
  • Forum - threads for founder and admin issues, concerns, questions go here. Ideally this is a place for founders and admins to come, hang out, discuss and share about their roles as wiki creators and admins.
  • Help Pages - Here you’ll find...well, help pages. ;) All geared towards who else? Founder and admins.

Keep in mind the above are not hard and fast rules. The community will change and grow over time. But right now, this is the direction we’re headed. Now, this is where you guys come in. This is your scene. As founders and admins this is your space, own it! Tell me what do you want to see here? What will you contribute? What can we add? Tell me everything!

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