So yep, you see the title, after lots of planning I made this. Now I thought UCP would be OK but no. IT’S GARBAGE! I will have to say terrible things about it, but don’t worry if you like UCP there is some good about it, which is how we’re starting off.

Good Things

Now when I say some good I mean not a lot but I have 1 thing that actually works good, avatar editing. In Legacy mobile users had trouble changing their avatar. With UCP it’s quite simpler, that’s how I changed my avatar from wiki’s that were already UCP. It helps many.

Meh Things

Now we have some mehh things on the list. We have the comments! When you make a comment it’s like discussions, but I kinda miss templates too. You can’t have source mode in comments! Ok really? It’s not that bad but I’m like (what’s the point of doing that).

Blogs, blogs and blogs. Not the best but OK. This weird typing thing happens where it shifts up and down and, well it makes me dizzy! I don’t know why in the world they added that! Besides from that it’s fine but when it comes to that, no way, not bad though at least it’s clean.

Bad Things (stupid decisions)

Recent Changes! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬! It sucks, how can I see anything through all of the mumbo jumbo, it!s divides in 3 categories but what’s the point of that? I can barely find anything good with this stupid 🤬 thing! Wiki Activity was more cleaner and helped many!

The end of popular blogs, ok now that helped many too, Blogs got popular from that, you click or tap “More blogs” and people can scroll through the many recent blogs, choose one, comment and get it popular. Some people want recognition, UCP you took the best way of that.

Ok now when I go on discussions to make a post, the whole screen goes dark and I can only create my title. The ones who agreed to UCP, no offense but you’re or you guys are stupid. Now how can I create any posts on discussions if UCP makes it do that?

Now the worst thing ever is...

Just keep scrolling you’re 1/4 there


Almost there




THIS! So you know UCP had to take away things for the platform to work, but it has to be the best things! Many people are complaining and venting about the end of these things! Wiki Activity, chat, popular, polls, etc! So what if Legacy’s platform code was too old? I don’t care, UCP was a terrible idea! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬


Ok I’m done raging, so in my opinion UCP shouldn’t have happened (I’m saying it calmly). It’s pointless, stupid, and Moreno complicated for everyone when the Staff actually said we’ll make stuff easier. (This is a rhetorical question) Are you or you guys stupid or you’re lying to only get what you want? I don’t know why UCP happened, it’s a 1/10. (I said anything calmly). Ok well I’m done.

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