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I edit a lot at night rather than by day - its a nice way to get a good balance of less editing on the weekday and more on the weekend because we all love our sleep! Though sleep is for the weak, we're always a sucker for it - sadly. =D In any case, the Wikia community can be a great place to collaborate and have fun - but I think things come alive in the night as work for the day ends and people login to volunteer away the small hours writing content. So here's a few tips for better editing speed on that last late-night endeavour:

Making a large quantity of mass edits?
  • open up the relevant category and use the "Pin" function in your browser to hold onto it.
  • launch 10 pages at a time and do each individual task on all the tabs (hitting the edit button, adding content/template, edit summary and submitting for each page - all with a good connection).
  • use the keyboard shortcut CTRL-TAB or CTRL-SHIFT-TAB to cycle through the pages as you complete each stage - this modular approach will drastically speed up the process.
Hate the glare of your screen in the dark?
  • Use the Deluminate extension for Google Chrome to reduce eyestrain. The extension makes bright pages dark but leaves hues of colors intact with adjustable settings for inverting images.
  • This extension is available from the Chrome Web Store for those who want to stop killing their eyes but don't want to stop editing at night (who would?).
  • Inverting all images prevents the pain of being suprised by a large white one =_=.
Wanna hit the hay after a long day?
  • If you're tired and have had a long day with other things before logging in, call it a day and work on it earlier tomorrow - you will make less typos and create better content.
  • This goes for mass edits as well - something that can take half a day can take fifteen minutes in the morning.
Contacting staff at night?
  • Its unlikely that you will get a response seeing as they'll be sleeping - they respond during the daytime and in office hours.
  • To put it in perspective, messaging from Western Europe at 12PM will result in the message being received at 4AM on their side when they are probably not at work.
  • Live in Eastern Asia? You'll have a little more luck as they will receive it at around 8AM. In essence, its the same kinda thing.
Want your new content indexed very quickly before it populates the Internet?
  • Make the edit by day and then submit it at a suitable time in the middle of the night.
  • Then submit the page to Google Webmaster Central's Search Console and you will get the maximum SEO boost for the new content (as opposed to rehosters and Twitter users resharing portions of the content and duplicating it).
  • This works incredibly well as a SEO maximiser for a new adaptation or for countering scraper sites.
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