• Lythronax

    This blog post is long but I implore you to read it.

    Hello all. A couple of days ago, on Dinopedia, a user set up a thread in the Forum called "What if dinosaurs didn't die out?". The first few replies were on topic and friendly. Later, a user called Diakujia replied, listing a smorgasbord of cryptids. Since I do not believe in the existence of cryptids, I had a go at refuting some of the user's points. Sometimes, when the user failed to give any evidence, I would ask them for a link to an article or an image for clarification.

    Sooner or later, we went off topic and requested that we move the discussion of cryptids to another board and thread. For a while, we were back on topic before Diakujia reappeared and resumed the argument. I th…

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