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Do you know that Fandom is not only about reading and writing but also about celebrating your fandom together with others? You can discuss your favorite universe with fellow community members who love and adore the same things as you do.

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Join the conversation today!

In this guide we'll cover how to access Discussions, and participate in fun discussions with other fans, so let's dive into Discussions on Fandom!

How Can I Access a Wiki's Discussions Area?

Locate Discussions

After you have created your personal Fandom account, you will be able to join any of your favorite wiki's discussions with just as little as a handful of clicks:

Explore Discussions

Awesome, you made it to where the fan discussions are taking place!

Join Discussions: Join the Conversation

How do I make a new post?

To learn how to format your post, check out this in-depth help article.

How do I comment on an existing post?

What should I write about?

Here is the juicy part! Fandom communities love having conversations about their favorite franchises, therefore they try to focus on the topic as much as possible. Something that makes for a great post is "I love this character because..." and "I enjoyed the 1/2/3 season of..." to find like-minded people. Speculation can also be interesting to talk about - "Here is my theory about how things will go later...", maybe someone else comes up with something you haven't even thought about yet!

There's lots of ways to creatively engage with discussions - some wikis even have sections for fanarts! What matters most is being a fan to the franchise, remembering others there are as well, and create a fun conversation!

To keep things fun, make sure you check out the local wiki's discussion guidelines and general rules - that way you ensure that discussions stay a safe and fun environment for everyone!

What should I NOT write about?

Fans are passionate people, they absolutely love talking about their franchises, that is why going off-topic should be avoided, and why attacking other community members is not allowed.

How do I follow or report a post?

That's all you need to know on how to join the discussion on your favorite wiki! Go on and give it a try and enjoy your continued fan journey!