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Hello Everyone, my name is Lily Ford and I'm the administrator and bureaucrat of the DONTNOD Entertainment Wiki, a General Gaming Wiki dedicated to three of the earliest games created by French developer DONTNOD Entertainment.


The DONTNOD Entertainment Wiki originally began in August 2012 as the Remember Me Wiki, when the video game Remember Me was announced that same year (it was originally a wiki for the 2010 film Remember Me). I became a contributor June 2013 and was later made bureaucrat of the Wiki and I adopted what was a relatively dead and abandoned space.

In 2014, I began covering and providing information on the game Life Is Strange (on account of no Wiki being available for it) and last year (2015) the Remember Me Wiki became the DONTNOD Entertainment Wiki. I've spent the last three-to-four years building up with the Wiki so it could be a comprehensive database on the subjects at hand.

What's the Wiki About?

The DONTNOD Entertainment Wiki is, put simply, is about DONTNOD Entertainment's first three games as a major and independent developer:


Remember Me (2013), Life Is Strange (2015), Vampyr (2017).

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Where the Wiki Needs Help

Since as early as May and June 2013, I've been seeking out help to build up the Wikia. What user-base I had dwindled until eventually I was the only one contributing to the wiki on a non-semi-frequent basis. I don't know why it happened, but I've been trying to remedy it.

  • In terms of visual content, the DONTNOD Entertainment Wiki is currently home to 2,604 images
  • In terms of written content, the DONTNOD Entertainment Wiki is currently home to 528 articles (including Disambiguation Pages)

While that number itself nothing to sniff at, the majority of the articles are stubs and in need of expansion or completion. In addition, there are crucial pages that still require creation. While I am aware of the disadvantages that come with running a General Wiki, I believe that contributors with any knowledge in the area of Remember Me (this area esp. is in need of contributor help), Life Is Strange or Vampyr, would be a great boon to the community.

One aspect I'm looking to build is a strong community foundation. Folk come and go, but if the DONTNOD Entertainment Wiki is able to create and generate general discussion about the themes of any of the three games, off-topic conversation among users and provide suggestions on how the Wiki and contributors can become stronger or improve, I think the Wiki can thrive for much longer.

I'm also currently seeking out Admins, and Rollback Mods who can eventually become Bureaucrats.

The DONTNOD Entertainment Wiki has been a labor of love and frustration. Anything you can bring to the table as fans of the developer, Remember Me, Vampyr or Life Is Strange will be a welcome help.


If you've any questions please feel free to contact me on my message wall and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you for your time and I hope to see you there,
Lily Ford

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