Lil' Miss Rarity

  • I live in Michigan
  • I was born on July 13
  • My occupation is Student, volunteer, adventurer
  • I am Female
  • Lil' Miss Rarity

    Day 1 - About

    Q: What is an AbuseFilter?
    A: An AbuseFilter used to filter a wikis content.
    Q: What is it commonly used for?
    A: Often times an AbuseFilter is used to help wikis combat spam and vandalism using custom filters.
    Q: What can the AbuseFilter not do?
    A: It cannot maintain a wiki by itself nor is it meant to.
    Q: Can I play with it?
    A: No, you cannot. The AbuseFilter should be used with uttermost caution due to it's ability to easily disrupt the flow of a wiki given untested filters/rules.

    Often times the answer to this question is a "no". The AbuseFilter extension is usually only activated if a wiki is in dire need of some sort of filtering mechanism and there are no other options that are more suited to the task. Such tasks usually revolve …

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  • Lil' Miss Rarity

    Hello there! I am Lil' Miss Rarity and I am here today to talk about some of the amazing things some fellow Wikians have created in order to enhance your user experience either across the network or on individual wikis. The main topic I wish to focus on is JavaScript enhancements which, thanks to the technically skilled users at Developers Wiki, are easier than ever to install.

    JavaScript is a prototype based web scripting language that allows developers to add dynamic content to web pages.

    Wikia offers the use of many JavaScript pages, most notably MediaWiki:Wikia.js and MediaWiki:Common.js. Through these pages users are able to easily install custom JavaScript enhancements on their wikis for use by other users. Most notably AjaxRC which al…

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