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Likercat Likercat 31 August 2014

The Levels of Trolls

Hi there

I maked this blog to help others to identify trolls and levels of trolls (what i mean with "levels of trolls" is that example: level 1 troll - typing all caps, upseting others)

Identifying trolls can be hard or easy, for example, trolls spam and sometimes type all caps, but, trolls sometimed can be hard to identify, for example, on chat, trolls sometimes type only one word there (example: Hi, bye) while others thini they are not spamming,

Other trolls want to get admin attention (example: if you are not doing (insert thing here) i am doing (insert vandalism here) that is called wanting to get admin attention, sometimes its easy to just revert his/her edits but if the troll is spamming it might me a banable offense

This will help you c…

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Likercat Likercat 28 August 2014

Problem with Chat

Why is Chat Down here, i cant post or see anything

am i the only one seeing this?

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Likercat Likercat 25 August 2014

I should have been unblocked on althistory a hour ago

Hi, on 15:40 UTC 8or in my region 17:40 CET) i was supposed to be unblocked on althistory wiki, however, when i checked my userpage it showed that i was still blocked 20 mins later it was the same and now its the same, i am still blocked but i should be unblocked a hour ago, please help, for further info

UPADTE: Luckily this was a bug, my userpage is normal and no longer says im blocked, thank you

UPDATE 2:' 'im on a other laptop and it still shows im banned

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Likercat Likercat 23 August 2014

Help on Althistory Wiki

Recently the User Lingwistyka is Vandalizing the wiki Althistory Wiki , it all started when Lingwistyka maked a inproper spelling of "Constantinople" which the local admin Lordganon fixed to the proper spelling, and then Lingwistyka started a great rampage against Lordganon and Vandalized pages, replacing the content with weird words like "BANanize" etc etc, he is also the sock of the now-banned vandalizer that also made insults and vandalizings like Lingwistyka, Lingwistyka also fills summaries and edits with insults etc, so please any help would be appreciated!

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