• Kylie Jenner's Secret Baby

    Hey everybody!

    So, due to many recent situations, mostly the UCP migrations, I have decided that I am taking an indefinite leave from Fandom, effective next week. I am currently a bureaucrat on Teenage Bounty Hunters Wiki, Soulmates Wiki, Emily in Paris Wiki, Ginny & Georgia Wiki, Malibu Rescue Wiki, Ratched Wiki, B Positive Wiki, and more. If you're interested in taking my place as bureaucrat after my departure, feel free to leave a message on my message wall.

    Now, many of you might be wondering why the UCP migrations led me to this decision. To that I say, it's just.... not the same. I'm used to Fandom getting changes from time to time, but UCP is just so different from the platform I hold dear and it's also extremely unpleasant, so much s…

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  • Kylie Jenner's Secret Baby

    Hey everyone! So, since many communities are being moved to the UCP platform, I thought I'd talk about UCP in this blog post.

    A few users are excited about UCP, but many are sad to see the legacy platform go. In this blog post, I will be listing all the pros and cons of UCP I have encountered so far.

    • UCP is easier to update.
    • UCP has less glitches.
    • You don't have to add to a page if there are references present in UCP, it does that by default.

    • UCP's sidebar displays the same page multiple times if it is edited multiple times, obscuring other pages that were recently edited, forcing you to check the Recent Changes page to see other recent edits.
    • When editing an infobox in the visual editor in UCP, you have to keep clicking add more information to…

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