Digimon Fusion

Hello Wikians! I'm Kitsunes97, and I would love for everyone to know about Digimon Fusion. It's a wiki about anime with English dub with no Japanese dub.

Digimon Fusion follows Mikey Kudo, a 7th grade boy who has a strong desire to help others. One day, he hears a mysterious voice and heads into a nearby alley to find a dying Digimon, Shoutmon. His desire to help the creature causes a mysterious legendary device called the Fusion Loader to appear in front of him.

So far there is no admin, and 227 pages on the topic, but we're growing by each episodes! The "Digimon Fusion" series is one that won't die off easily, as fans everywhere love the episodes & Freeform is absolutely showing an interest in keeping it going.

If you take an interest in Digimon Fusion English Dub Only, feel free to stop by!

I hope you enjoy the wiki, maybe even check out the series (unless you watch it already), and hopefully become an active user! We are always looking for great contributors to promote too!

Thank you!

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