Hey! I'm Kassie Macabre, the lead admin of the Mario Kart Wii Wiki. Me, JK55556, and Yoshi0001, a few of the main admins of Mario Kart Wii Wiki, are hosting a competition! Anyone that wants to participate, follow these steps. Go to Mario Kart wii Wiki's Homepage, Make a User Review. (They are reviews of games made by users of Mario Kart Wii Wiki) Then, ask me,(  Kassie Macabre ), JK55556, or Yoshi0001 to submit your User Review into the competition. Make sure to leave a link to it in your message. Here are the rules:

1. Each User Review must go over the game's plot, gameplay, music, graphics, and characters.

2. They have to have good grammar and spelling to have a chance of winning.

3. All User Reviews must be submitted by April 1st.

4. The User Reviews must have the categories 'User Reviews' and 'Contest' added to it.

5. Their titles should be formatted like this 'User Review: (Game's Title)'.

The winner of the competition will get to pick the Poll of the Week, Featured Article of the Week, or Random Mario Fact of the Week on the main page, and get any titles on Mario Kart Wii Wiki they don't have already (like adminship).

The judges will vote on the User Reviews on a protected page on April 1st, and the winner will be left a message notifying them. They should respond to the message and say which feature on the front page they want to change for a week, and what their idea for it is. However, we still need two more judges. If you are interested in being a judge, please say so in the comments. You can still submit a User Review, but cannot vote for yours. Feel free to leave me questions in the comments!

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