Hey guys, JustLeafy here. Doing a comparison that everybody may be curious about, Wikia VS Wikipedia. Here, you can vote for the poll, but under the poll will list both the benefits and drawbacks of both sites.

Do you prefer Wikia or Wikipedia?

The poll was created at 10:30 on September 12, 2017, and so far 84 people voted.


Wikia, or currently known as FANDOM, is the largest entertainment site in the world, which includes news and stories, wikis and many other features.


  • More communities to edit, collaborate, and of course, have fun in.
  • Easier to do things in general, like communicating, uploading files, and of course, editing pages without having to always cite stuff.
  • Can customize a wiki personally or site-wide.
  • Tons and tons of information from almost every franchise.
  • Weekly updates and staff blogs, to show an awesome site developing.
  • Good UI, and is being renewed in general.
  • Almost anything in general.


  • Staff may sometimes not listen to our feedback (not judging). I didn't say from Special:Contact, as they always leave a reply over there, but I meant in the comments.
  • Extensive amount of ads (good thing that is being fixed now).
  • It's MediaWiki version is always stuck at 1.1.9.
  • Some info may be inaccurate.


Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia (I guess) with extensive information about simple content in the world.


  • Endless amount of info, in many languages.
  • The beta features are great.
  • No ads whatsoever.
  • Usually has the latest MediaWiki version.


  • Very steep learning curve.
  • Bad and outdated UI (that's why I installed Wikiwand. :D).
  • Info is sometimes not accurate or outdated.

So yeah, leave down your opinions, guys.

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