Alright, so in this blog, I'm going to compare two chat features that are/were on this specific wiki: Community Central Chat and the official Fandom/Gamepedia server. I'll add a poll and ask which chatting feature you prefer, but before the poll, I'll do some history about both servers, but you can go ahead and skip to the poll if you like.


Community Central Chat was a simple chat service available on Community Central. It was primarily made for instantaneously receiving help about wiki problems and technical issues, though many people misused it as a free-chatting service, but that wasn't definitely very punishable, of course. The guidelines of using it as a free-chatting service were made in 2018.

If I remember correctly, back at the end of 2018, someone created a thread addressing one of the issues of the chatting service, which is the moderation. They believed that the moderation definitely need a change, but the thread was being a bit controversial, enough to close the thread from discussion. Apparently, the previously mentioned thread alone might've lead to the experimenting with the chat service mentioned below.

Some time later, back in January 2019, the staff were experimenting with what would happen to the wiki activity when the Community Central chat is completely removed for "2 months". However, it was still up on Staff Office Hours, which were like 1-2 hours a day.

2 months have passed, and the users were wondering what happened to the chat. It turns out that the staff openly admitted that it wouldn't come back anytime soon, and in fact, most people misunderstood them. What they actually meant was "experiment" and keep staff office hours for 2 months, then completely turn off the chat.

4 months have passed and the new Fandom/Gamepedia server had a soft-release, which meant that people already in this server (yes, some people were on this server before the soft-release, but I'm going into detail with that) could invite their local wiki communities to this server. A week later, on July 8, the server was officially announced by MisterWoodhouse, and 3 announcement blogs later, a link to the server was added to the local navigation here.


What do you like more?

The poll was created at 16:42 on September 3, 2019, and so far 16 people voted.


As much as I thought that the Community Central Chat was a simple nice feature, I love the Fandom/Gamepedia more by a mile. Here are the five major reasons why I prefer it over the Community Central Chat:

  • The server is organized with various different channels and not just one chatroom. There are also technical and support channels that allow more instantaneous discussions for any topic.
  • You get to talk with the staff, interact with Gamepedians and maybe even see your wiki friends if they came into this server, all in one place.
  • The bots and webhooks in this channel are useful both for the server and wikis.
  • International channels for some languages, which are pretty helpful for non-english speakers.
  • It's generally a server full of productive and mature people. I've looked into this server a lot more than the Community Central Chat and not one time I've seen an immature user breaking the rules in there, while in the Community Central Chat, I did see these type of users sometimes.
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