Now, the staff are planning to convert URLs to URLs, as mentioned in their original blog post. A lot of people have been complaining this change, for numerous reasons, the most common being that " doesn't make a wiki look like a wiki, and rather look more like a fan site". While that visually may sound true at first glance, the truth is, the problem can be solved in a few days, though the method will be bizarre. And before I say the solution, all URLs will be converted URLs, eventually in 2019, and the URL is the only thing changing, and nothing else. Moreover, this change in inevitable. If your wiki is converted, you can't change back. Though, this solution can work at all times.

Solution to URL

REQUIREMENT: An e-mail address registered on FANDOM.

  1. Go to this page:
  2. Add your subject, which should be entitled "I want to change my wiki's URL" or something with along those lines.
  3. Give them the full URL of your wiki(s) and tell them to convert from to, or something like that (the key change is adding "wiki" to your URL).
  4. Send message, then wait a 2-3 business days for a response.

Hope this helps!

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