Hello. My name is JustLeafy and recently, I have founded the Flow Free Wiki.


The Flow Free Wiki is a wiki that describes/will describe about everything in the Flow Free App, including the levels, colors, packs and the expansions. There is no confirmation if I will include the information about the packs and levels from the expansions (I won't, because it would be too much work, anyway), due to the fact that the wiki was built intentionally for the original Flow Free App.

There aren't pages for Flow Free levels themselves, because levels themselves don't provide too much information, and otherwise, I would create like 5000 pages. This is why I make a page for every 30 levels. That way, people can retain information of many levels at the same time. We also put the solved levels, so that people retain information from the levels AND solve them at the same time.

Why I made a wiki about the topic

When I found a game in his iPad 2 back in 2012-2013, I decided to try it for the first time and loved playing it. I had a high interest of the game, too.

Years later, I attempted to find a wiki dedicated to the game. However, I only found the original "Flow Free Wiki" which was abandoned and had inactive administrators. I wanted to adopt the wiki. However, I failed to do so, due to the lack of contributions and edits I made, so I created solutions and strategies for the game, and they were successful, especially the solutions page.

However, on February 18 2018, I decided to rework on a wiki about the Flow Free franchise and start from scratch. I have now officially founded the wiki, and I am still working on it to this day.

Why I want people to read my wiki

I also founded the wiki to make Flow Free fans retain information and solve levels, giving them the best experience for a wiki like this. I want to keep making people view the wiki constantly. I don't want to make the wiki have no views after 3 consecutive days without editing. I want to make a wiki like this successful.

What have I written so far

So far, I have pretty much written everything for all categories, except for the biggest category, which is levels. It is the biggest category and the hardest to complete, even if it wasn't the biggest category. The category itself requires a lot of hard work and dedication, and I could do it to myself.

The future of this wiki

Obviously, in the future, I would want to complete this wiki. However, it is only one of the two main goals. The other goal is making a large group of people view my wiki. The franchise may not be extremely popular and people usually come for solutions, which is why I make all images for the levels automatically solved.

How could others help out

Anybody and everybody is welcome to help out, as long as they registered an account. However, I would want to correct mistakes and expand anything possible, except for the level pages. I will do this myself, because I would like to sacrifice myself for the future viewers and editors. I don't want anybody to do difficult things in the wiki.


Want to know everything about the Flow Free App? Want to resolve levels? The Flow Free Wiki has information, level solutions and essential needs to resolve levels and retain information about everything in the game. Check out the Flow Free Wiki by clicking on the banner below (in all seriousness, please do. I worked so hard on it, and it still is in the works. I hate it when nobody views my wiki 3 days after I edit a page.).

Note: The page count is actually bigger and there are changes in the main page, too.

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