Hello guys. JustLeafy here and today, I'll be guiding you on Special:WikiFeatures. In that special page, there are optional features that can be added into your wiki, to enhance the wiki experience.

There are two categories of wiki features:

  • Normal wiki features: These are the wiki features that are complete and don't expect anymore development anytime soon.
  • Labs: The wiki features in this category are still experimental or in beta.

Note: Anybody can view Special:WikiFeatures, but only admins can toggle the switch of the features (enable or disable these features).

List of wiki features

Normal Wiki Features

  • Polls: Enabled by default, it gives the user the ability to add a poll.
  • Blogs: Blogs allow users on your wiki to create their own blog posts, and it can also add the ability to add an embedded recent blog feed.
  • Article Comments: This extension will let people write comments at the bottom of article pages. Other users can reply to the comments and usernames and timestamps are automatically assigned. This will however replace talk pages on your wiki.
  • Category Exhibition: It displays an option to view all pages as images in a category.
  • Message Wall: Message Walls are a feature that makes it easier to communicate with who you want to. Usernames and timestamps are automatically assigned. This will however replace user talk pages.
  • Europa Infobox Theme: Enables a modern theme for infoboxes.
  • Require all contributors to log in: Tired of all of these anonymous and unregistered users commonly breaking the rules? Toggle the switch so that it is required for them to register in order to edit and contribute into the wiki in general.


There are currently 2 labs wiki features:

  • New Image Galleries: It makes the galleries look organized and modernized. Currently, there is no way to edit the gallery other than editing them from source mode.
  • Chat: People can now live chat to other people instantaneously with this feature. This feature could also be useful if you don't want to wait hours for a message from another user in Discussions, Forums or in message walls.

What to do in Labs

There is a number of wikis that tries those features. Some wikis would like to try it and enable it as it is like a normal feature, while others would like to try it and give feedback to it. To give feedback to the staff about the experimental features, go to Special:WikiFeatures and click the "Send Feedback" button. Type in some feedback to improve the feature, then submit.

Hope this helped!

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