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JustLeafy JustLeafy 17 May 2020

SomeThingElseYT Wiki

Hello, everyone! Today, I would like to tell you guys that a couple of other users and I are starting on a new project, the SomeThingElseYT Wiki!

In case if you don't know who SomeThingElseYT is, he is a YouTube animator known for his funny animated videos and his music videos as well. You can read more about him by clicking on the SomeThingElseYT tag below.

Anyways, what we are planning to do on the SomeThingElseYT Wiki is that we're planning to document all of his videos, but we need your help. If you watch his videos a lot, then I'm sure that you can write down the knowledge of his videos and you can do so at the new wiki! It's currently very incomplete, so it's time to get started!

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JustLeafy JustLeafy 3 September 2019

Which chat feature do you prefer?

Alright, so in this blog, I'm going to compare two chat features that are/were on this specific wiki: Community Central Chat and the official Fandom/Gamepedia server. I'll add a poll and ask which chatting feature you prefer, but before the poll, I'll do some history about both servers, but you can go ahead and skip to the poll if you like.

  • 1 History
  • 2 Poll
  • 3 Opinion

Community Central Chat was a simple chat service available on Community Central. It was primarily made for instantaneously receiving help about wiki problems and technical issues, though many people misused it as a free-chatting service, but that wasn't definitely very punishable, of course. The guidelines of using it as a free-chatting service were made in 2018.

If I remember correct…

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JustLeafy JustLeafy 28 October 2018

The solution to URLs

Now, the staff are planning to convert URLs to URLs, as mentioned in their original blog post. A lot of people have been complaining this change, for numerous reasons, the most common being that " doesn't make a wiki look like a wiki, and rather look more like a fan site". While that visually may sound true at first glance, the truth is, the problem can be solved in a few days, though the method will be bizarre. And before I say the solution, all URLs will be converted URLs, eventually in 2019, and the URL is the only thing changing, and nothing else. Moreover, this change in inevitable. If your wiki is converted, you can't change back. Though, this solution can work at all times.


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JustLeafy JustLeafy 15 May 2018

Flow Free Wiki

Hello. My name is JustLeafy and recently, I have founded the Flow Free Wiki.

  • 1 About
  • 2 Why I made a wiki about the topic
  • 3 Why I want people to read my wiki
  • 4 What have I written so far
  • 5 The future of this wiki
  • 6 How could others help out
  • 7 Conclusion

The Flow Free Wiki is a wiki that describes/will describe about everything in the Flow Free App, including the levels, colors, packs and the expansions. There is no confirmation if I will include the information about the packs and levels from the expansions (I won't, because it would be too much work, anyway), due to the fact that the wiki was built intentionally for the original Flow Free App.

There aren't pages for Flow Free levels themselves, because levels themselves don't provide too much information,…

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JustLeafy JustLeafy 7 February 2018

A guide through wiki features

Hello guys. JustLeafy here and today, I'll be guiding you on Special:WikiFeatures. In that special page, there are optional features that can be added into your wiki, to enhance the wiki experience.

There are two categories of wiki features:

  • Normal wiki features: These are the wiki features that are complete and don't expect anymore development anytime soon.
  • Labs: The wiki features in this category are still experimental or in beta.

Note: Anybody can view Special:WikiFeatures, but only admins can toggle the switch of the features (enable or disable these features).

  • 1 List of wiki features
    • 1.1 Normal Wiki Features
    • 1.2 Labs
  • 2 What to do in Labs

  • Polls: Enabled by default, it gives the user the ability to add a poll.
  • Blogs: Blogs allow users on your wiki to …

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