• Jr Mime

    Hello hello hello. Jr Mime here.

    So. Recently. Chat is getting out of hands, and it isn't helpful at all.

    This is the COMMUNITY CENTRAL CHAT, it is the center of chats. It should be helpful, and not be filled with kids with problems.

    I want to make some points clear, and make some changes

    Mods are HUMANS, they have REAL LIVES. It is really tiring when people say "mods don't do anything", "mods are useless", "I'll be a better mod". Everyone should know mods aren't there 24/7 like some people, and not everyone is meant to be a mod.

    So rules, yes.

    With the current issues we have in CCC, would someone asking for help actually get help?

    Short answer, no. You either have 5 people causing drama in chat, some other roleplaying and not paying attention to th…

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  • Jr Mime

    Hello :).

    I've heard from a lot of people "how do I change the admin tag" "how do I change my founder tag".

    Well, here's how!

    First, lets take the most basic example. If I wanted to change the ADMIN tag on an admin's masthead (such as Cörey), I would need to go to MediaWiki:User-identity-box-group-sysop and change Admin to anything I want.

    There are multiple things you can change, and here they are:

    • MediaWiki:user-identity-box-group-adminmentor - Admin Mentor
    • MediaWiki:user-identity-box-group-authenticated - Authenticated
    • MediaWiki:User-identity-box-banned-from-chat - Banned From Chat
    • MediaWiki:user-identity-box-group-blocked - Blocked
    • MediaWiki:user-identity-box-group-bureaucrat - Bureaucrat
    • MediaWiki:user-identity-box-group-chatmoderator - Chat m…

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  • Jr Mime

    The Most Linky Depot

    July 7, 2014 by Jr Mime

    Hello all!

    This is my first blog, but the most useful one! :P.

    This blog will be used as a reference page for any useful links users can be linked to. I will regroup all of the most useful links to places which can be used to help users.

    Here it goes!

    • Special:Contact/feedback

    • Special:Contact/bug

    • Special:Contact/bad-ad

    • Special:Contact/wiki-name-change

    • Special:Contact/close-wiki

    • Special:Contact/account-issue

    • Special:CloseMyAccount

    • Special:Contact/rename-account

    • Is your request:
      • Nothing of the named above?
      • A global block problem?
      • Someone stealing your contents?
      • Anything else?
    • If so, Special:Contact/general

    • User blog:Sannse/Why staff don't remove bad admins
    • User blog:Sannse/How You Can Work Through an Admin Dispute

    • User blog:Ozuzanna/Ozuzanna discusses: "But is i…

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