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This month, we explored Culture-Shifting Moments in Entertainment with a focus on our music wikis. We had the opportunity to share music from artists that made an impact in various music genres and compiled them into a special BHM playlist for everyone to enjoy. Now, we’re excited to share a timeless piece that encourages every fan to walk back down memory lane and reminisce, recognize the communities that celebrated Black History Month, and honor the individuals we highlighted throughout the month.

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Black History Month Timeline[]

This timeline was created in alignment with culture-shifting moments in entertainment. We’ve highlighted individuals who have contributed significantly to entertainment and wanted to go a step further with this timeline. From Ethel Waters’ legacy to Sonequa Martin Green's impact and representation into the final frontier, we’re celebrating Black culture and figures. This encourages us to look ahead to the future as new stories emerge.

Read through the timeline to see sitcoms, actors, and movements that are essential to Black History. Take a look at new shows that you can add to your lists like Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Creed III, and more! If there’s something you don’t see, be sure to share it in the comments, and we’ll grow the timeline together!

1939: Ethel Waters makes history by being the first Black performer to host their own television show.
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1040: Hattie McDaniel become the first African-American to win an Academy Award.
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1948: Amanda Randolph becomes the first African-American actress to have a regular role on U.S. television.
Explore the full timeline here!

Community Celebration[]

Communities from music wikis to entertainment wikis joined in the celebration of culture shifting moments to share Black artists and their history. Thank you to the communties that contributed to our Black History Month initiative and crafted blogs and editing challenges to engage everyone in creative ways!

Culture Shifters[]


Miller - If you haven’t already, please show the post some love and learn more about Miller. He’s a published author and illustrator, Barney Wiki admin, Fandom Star of the Month, and champion for community. This multifaceted creator understands the value of community and opens doors for others to share their experiences.


Inevitably Dope - This content creator shares a love for gaming, movies, and television, and he brings people together by sharing his passion for anime with relatable and high-energy commentary. We instantly became fans of his work and truly love how this commentator and voice actor brings joy to his community as he expands fictional worlds through his craft.

Thank you to everyone who celebrated Black History Month with us and we will continue to share stories and encourage programming that resonates with the community beyond the designated month. We’re excited to dive even deeper into our DEI initiatives with the Fandom community. Stay tuned for updates!

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