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Happy Women’s History Month! The nationally recognized theme for Women’s History Month is Embrace Equity. Fandom’s dedicated programming invites the community to learn more about embracing equity through the lens of women, femme-identifying and non-binary people building the “tables” in industries where they often do not have a seat. We spotlight women who make things happen and uplift others as they forge their paths. How It’s Made is the focus of this month’s programming, and we hope you enjoy the celebration!

Women's History Fandom

Women’s History[]

This year, the International Women’s Day theme leans into embracing equity. Equitable opportunities should be matched with equitable action to drive progress. Making a concerted effort to establish inclusive spaces promoting equity and belonging has a substantial impact. Equity requires us to be fair and impartial and to shift from considering opportunities to committing to true equality through action.

The first Women’s History Day was held in 1909, the first anniversary of the garment worker strike in lower Manhattan, New York. From there, it evolved into Women’s History Week in 1978. Thanks to the actions of the education task force in Sonoma County, California, they established Women's History Week in 1978 and, on March 8, celebrated International Women's Day. In 1987, it became Women’s History Month. Women’s History Month is recognized globally and celebrates women’s contributions to history, culture, and society.

WHM Playlist:[]

Since our Black History Month playlist was so well received last month, we thought it would be great to carry over some memorable moments in music to celebrate Women’s History Month. Only about 22% of the music industry is made up of women, so to double down on our theme of embracing equity, we decided to focus on intersectionality and specifically shine a light on women of color, LGBTQIA+ women, femme-identifying and non-binary artists, disabled women, and women of other minority groups making strides in music. In this playlist, you’ll likely find many songs you already know and love (and sing along to in the shower), but we also wanted to uplift voices that are lesser known, so you can experience a mix of amazing artists and genres you may have never heard before. From upbeat anthems about the power of women to emotional ballads about the struggles we face, there is a moment in here for everyone to resonate with.

Go check out the 60 song playlist below to discover both established and emerging women in music who are making an impact with their talent and paving the way for equity and equality in a traditionally male-dominated industry. We hope you enjoy it, and who knows, maybe you’ll even come across a new favorite song!

Women’s History Month Programming:[]

As we honor women in gaming, entertainment, and music, we encourage community members to join the celebration and get involved. Highlight the women on your wikis, join wiki challenges, craft your own WHM blog, or participate in community events listed below. There’s something for everyone!

  • Women's History Month Gaming Celebration: Join us as we celebrate women, femme-identifying and non-binary people in gaming making plays and taking control in the gaming vertical. We’ll highlight gamers on Fandom’s staff and throughout the community. Find out the games they play, what inspires them, and more in this special initiative!
  • How It’s Made: We’re cooking up something special for our wikis specializing in cooking shows, chefs, and food personalities. We’ll dive deep into embracing equity (in the kitchen) and how these trailblazers are taking the world by storm.
  • Scream Queens and Final Girls: Who’s your favorite scream queen? We’re sharing a list of scream queens and final girls who brought life (and stayed alive) in horror films. These queens used their skills to make it in the end. Can you guess who will be on the list?  Stay tuned as we deliver their stats!
  • Let’s Talk About It: It’s time to discuss equity in entertainment. We’re planning a conversation with professionals in the entertainment industry to share their perspectives on Embracing Equity. Prepare to go behind the scenes with these brilliant women as they share their stories. More details to come!

As we plan for the month ahead, we encourage you to share your posts with us. Stay tuned for updates, and contact your Wiki Representative if you have any questions. We look forward to celebrating Women’s History Month with you! Feel free to post in the comments below what some of your most loved women anthems are!

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